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A. Rugers 1868 Map of Ionia Village

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1868 Map of Ionia
Map with Labels showing location of landmarks
Downtown Ionia Village 1868
1886 Street Guide
Churches and Town/County owned Buildings
Presbyterian and Disciple Churches At Main and Washington
Methodist and Episcopal Churchs and the Town Hall
Methodist and Episcopal Churches, the Town Hall, the Baptist Church and the Sherman House Hotel
The Catholic Church
The Evangelical Church near the corner of Pleasant Street and Washington Street
The Union School
The Washington House Hotel Near Dye Street
The Ionia House Hotel
The Eagle House Hotel, corner of First and Main
Trains and Depot, Bridges and Buggies
Passenger Train Leaving Town
Dd. M. Railroad Depot near Depot and Front Street
Suspension Bridge Over the River
Cargo train heading out of town near Congress Street
Horse Drawn Buggy in front of Union School
Other Scenes and Landmarks
Bringing in the Hay
The Cemetery

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