Musser (Union) Cemetery

Submitted by Robert W. Gierman, R 1, Portland, MI June 8, 1975

     Musser Cemetery is near the northwest corner of section 19 of Portland Twp. Ionia Co., MI on Keefer Highway. This is completely overgrown with trees, ivy and myrtle. Most of the stones are flattened.
     I found this information in Robt. Gierman's collection! This is where he checked it out in 1975. I don't know if this is complete but here is what he has!  Submitted by Theresa Sweet

Slahrarms (probably Arms) 1861    
Musser, Mary Ann 1859   wife of Michael Musser
Musser, Mary H. 1958 8 mo., 26 days  
Price, Christian 1875 23 yrs., 6 mo., 5 days  
Price, Alice J. 1875   wife of Christian
Badger, Margaret 1857 11 yrs. dau of S.W. & M.J. Badger
Baldwin, Anna L. 6-13-1866 1 yr., 9 mo., 24 days  
First, Joseph 8-11-1861 48 yrs., 7 mo., 3 days We loved him, yes, no tongue can tell,
how we loved him and how well
God loved him too, and he thought best
to take him home to be at rest.
Darling, Theodore R. 1-22-1883 67 yrs Marker says Theadore
Darling, Mary C. 2-18-1884   wife of Theodore Darling
Darling, Maria C. 3-14-1864 22 yrs. dau of T. and M.C. Darling
Darling, Cynthia C. 1874 22 yrs. dau of T. and M.C. Darling
Arms, Marietta      
Lewis, Adam A. 8-12-1864    
Lewis, Lucy 1886   wife of Adam
Smith, Ebenezer F. 6-30-1862 57 Father thou art gone to rest
We will not weep for him
For now thou art where oft on earth
Thy spirit longed to be.

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