Steel (Steele) Cemetery

Located near the S.W. corner of Peck Lake and Kelsey Road in Orange Township

Taken by Mrs. Alice T. Miller, Ithaca, MI and Mrs. Helen Remington, Cedar Rapids, IA.

Name Death Age Comments
-----, Chancy C. 4-3-1875 1y2m5d Son of John W.
Adgate, Jennie 4-26-1894 30y 5m 4d wife of -
Adgate, (infants)     Infant son and daughter of A.T. and H. Adgate
Adgate, Lewis 2-27-1858 30y 11m 13d  
Amidon, (Infant)     Infant son of A. & G.M. Amidon
Amidon, Louisa 9-3-1862 5m 18d Dau of A. & G.M. Amidon
Barnard, Esquire     Marker mostly buried.  Can't read dates.
Barnard, Louisa 6-25-1861 31y 10m wife of Esquire Barnard
Bartlett, Ira 1-7-1863 50y  
Brand, Scott 5-10-1875 43y 5m 28d Masonic emblem (all on one stone)
Brand, John S. 5-11-1857 8m 8d son of S. and S. Brand (all on one stone)
Brand, Jane R. 4-10-1865 1y 9m 18d dau. of S and S. Brand (all on one stone)
Brand, Benjamin D. 8-19-1871 70y 1m 10d (all on one stone)
Brand, Janey 5-10-1870 66y 11m 25d wife of Benj. D. Brand (all on one stone)
Brand, Jane 8-3-1847 4y dau. of B. D. and J. Brand (all on one stone)
Brand, John 8-6-1847 5th year son of B.D. and J. Brand (all on one stone)
Dunsmore, Belinda 3-20-1874 62y Wife of E.M.
Dunsmore, Edmund 2-20-1874 13y 9m 21d  
Dunsmore, Edmund N. 12-26-1860 50y 3m 16d  
Dunsmore, Mary 6-8-1870 1y 10m 9d dau. of G.W. and E.S. Dunsmore
Dunsmore, Mary Jane 2-25-1856 21 y 7m 8d dau. of E.M. and B. Dunsmore
Grinels, John M. 3-28-1862 11m son of D. and S. J
Grinels, Sarah Jane 1-15-1864 23y 2m 0d wife of John Grinels
Havens, Nancy 4-24-1863 79y 6m 12d b in Mass 12 Oct 1783 - wife of S. (Steven S.) Havens
Havens, T.R.R. (Thomas Robert (Rowlin?) 2-18-1875 62y 11m 13d  
Havens, Martha 8-9-1880 65y 3m 14d Wife of T.R.R. Havens
Havens, T.H. 11-29-1886   (On Havens Monument) Son of T.R.R. and Martha (Houseman) Havens - born June 12, 1841 - Father
Havens, Frank L. 10-18-1872   son of T.H. and O.E. Havens (Olive Elnora Lewis, second wife) b June 28, 1872
Havens, Amerest E. (Ritenbaurgh) 2-8-1867 25y 9m 7d wife (1st) of T.H. Havens
Havens, Steven W. 5-28-1857 5m 26d son of T.R. and M. Havens
Havens, George W. 8-28-1855 21y 1m 15d son of T.R. and M. Havens
Havens, Rachel M. 9-8-1857 18y 4m 15d dau of T.R. and M. Havens
Havens, Nancy F. 7-28-1860 23y 8m 10d wife of J. (Jonathan Pettit)
Houseman, Euphamie E. 3-27-1873 24y 0m 19d wife of C.L. Houseman
Houseman, Arthur 10-8-1868 1y 3m 20d son of C.L. and E.E. Houseman
Houseman, G.W.     Co. I. 21st Michigan Inf.
Houseman, Olive L. 9-25-1860 4y 11m 15d dau. of G.W. and L.A. Houseman
Lewis, Annette 4-18-1862 23y 10m 18d wife of Charles Lewis
Lewis, Sarah Anna 3-13-1860 19y 2m 12d wife of Charles Lewis
McIntire, Cyrenus 3-18-1863 12y 6m 3d son of Henry and Mary P. McIntire
McIntire, Henry 3-16-1863 38y 3m 0d  
Pettitt, William H. 3-28-1860 1y 1m 11d son of N. F. and J. Pettit
Pettitt, Nancy F. 7-28-1860 23y 8m 10d wife of J. Pettit-dau of T.R. and M. Havens
Plant, Adeliza 9-18-1860 17y 10m 8d wife of Lewis Plant
Plant, Addie L. 8-13-1869 2m 15d dau of L. and L. Plant
Plant, Eliza Naden 11-20-1874 63y wife of Samuel Plant Dearly Beloved Dau. of Samuel and Sarah Naden Longnot, b Straffordshire, Eng.
Plant, Henry F. 9-20-1861 27y  
Priest, Frances M. 1-1-1860 15y 4m 9d dau. of Lewis and Mercy M. Priest
Priest, Mary 6-5-1876 23y 10m 3d wife of Riley H. Priest
Priest, Zella L. 5-16-1875   dau of R.H. and M. H. Priest (rest of stone under ground)
Ritenburgh, Daniel L. 12-20-1894 83y (All on one stone)
Ritenburgh, Sarah 12-22-1883 64y (All on one stone)
Ritenburgh, Elizabeth J.     wife of D.L. Ritenburgh b. Aug 27, 1821(All on one stone)
Ritenburgh, John W. 5-1-1861 16y son of D.L. and S.H. Ritenburgh (All on one stone)
Ritenburgh, Daniel W. 8-16-1882 30y 11m 13d son of D.L. and S.H. Ritenburgh (All on one stone)
Ritenburgh, Leviness VanDusen 6-13-1878 80y (All on one stone)
Sailor, Thirza 8-31-1856 30y 10m 6 d wife of Isaac Sailor Jr.
Sailor, Isaac Jr 2-21-1858 37y 9m 14d  
Sailor, Thirza     inf. dau. of I. and T. Sailor
Shaw, Samuel 3-8-1876 60y 1m 12d  
Steel, Paul 4-9-1889   b Feb 10, 1810 (All on one stone)
Steel, Jane     his wife b Sept. 3 1820 (All on one stone)
Steel, Paul 10-18-1885 8m grandson of Paul and Jane Steel (All on one stone)
Steel, Catherine E. 4-9-1848 1y dau of P. and J. Steel (All on one stone)
VanDusen, Leviness 6-13-1878 80y (on Ritenburgh stone)


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