1920 Census Record Research


In the 1920 Federal census you can get the following information:

the name, age, and sex of each individual in the household

the relationship of each individual to head of household

whether or not the family owns or rents their home, whether or not the home is mortgaged

each individual's color or race

whether an individual is single, married, widowed, or divorced

an individual's year of immigration to the United States

whether an individual is naturalized or an alien

if naturalized, the year of naturalization

whether or not an individual attended school anytime since September, 1919

whether or not an individual can read and write

each individual's place of birth

each individual's father's place of birth

each individual's mother's place of birth

each individual's mother tongue

each individual's father's mother tongue

each individual's mother's mother tongue

whether or not each individual can speak English, and if not, language spoken

the profession, occupation, or trade of an individual

the industry an individual is working in

whether an individual is an employee, employer, or self-employed

if an employee, whether or not currently employed, and number of weeks out of work in 1919

number of years an individual has been in present marriage

number of children born to female individuals, and the number of those children still living


The following census films are available at the Ionia Community Library (formerly Hall-Fowler Memorial Library) in Ionia.

1920 Census - 2 rolls - MI (Ingham, Ionia, Iron, Iosco and Jackson Counties)


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