Ionia County Rural Route Directory


A - A res Hskr - Housekeeper Rel - Relative
Bds - Boarder Hub - Hubbardston Rent - Renter
Beld - Belding LO - Lake Odessa Sar - Saranac
B'nut - Butternut Mull - Mulliken Sher - Sheridan
Clarks - Clarksville Own - Owner Shi - Shiloh
CC - Carson City Orls - Orleans Stu - Student
Emby - Employed by Pew - Pewamo Sun - Sunfield
Fen - Fenwick Port - Portland Tchr - Teacher

Cover, Title Page, History of Ionia Free Fair, Greetings, Advertisements

Abbey-Allen, L  Evans, G.-Fleetham, E. Keefer, W.-Klahn, G. Praurer-Reeder, E.
Allen, L.-Bailey, J. Fleetham, F.-Galloway, G. Klahn, H.-Larson, H. Reeder, G.-Robinson, B.
Bailey, J.-Beebe, R. Galloway, J.-Gooby, F. Larson, H.-Little, B. Robinson, E.-Rydahl
Beebe, L.-Bishop Gooby, M.-Greenhoe, H. Little, S.-Manchester Sacha-Seibley
Bissell-Bozung, H. Greenhoe, J.-Hall, P. Mall-McCromb Seifried-Shooner
Brace-Brown, V. Hall, W.-Haskins, M. McCrumb-Miller, A. Shroyer-Smith, H.
Brown, W.-Campbell, L. Haskins, B.-Hazzard (& ads) Miller, A.-Morgan, A. Smith, I.-Spencer, M.
Campbell, L.-Chick, F. Doctors, Dentists Morgan, B.-Nelson, J. Spencer, V.-Strahle
Chick, G.-Compton, W. Clubs and Churches Nelson, J.-Page, H. Strain-Thorp
Compton, C.-Craft Hazzard-Hennely (& ad) Page, P.-Peterman, W. Thorp-Urie
Cram-Dalton, E. Henry-Holmes Peterman, W.-Pierce, D. Utter-Warden
Dalton, M.-DeVries Hoke-Huhn, L. Where to Trade (& ads) Warder-Whitmore, G.
Dewy-Dysinger Huhn, L.-Jensen, C. Rural Routes, Lawyers (ads) Whitmore, J.-Wortman
Earnst-Evans, C. Jensen, H.-Keefer, V. Pierson-Pratt (& ads) Wright-Zimmerman

Ionia Business Directory, Advertisements, and Back Cover

Submitted by Jan Cortez

Last update November 26, 2013