The Advertiser
Saranac, Michigan
 November 20, 1929
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

THE ADVERTISER, Saranac, Ionia County, Michigan; November 20, 1929:

Nov. 13 being Harvey RUSS’ birthday the Old Time Club thought it would be a good time to surprise him and they sure did. After playing twelve games of pedro, dainty refreshments were served, consisting of ice cream, cake and wafers, home-made candy and filled dates.

Those receiving high honors were Mrs. Lottie CONNER and Carl LOWERY and consolations going to Mrs. George HARDY and Will CONNER.

At a late hour all departed for home wishing Harvey many more happy birthdays.

BIRTHDAY SURPRISE PARTY – Wednesday, Nov. 6, Mrs. Harold FROST of Keene entertained sixteen high school people in honor of her sister, Helen DODDS’ fifteenth birthday. The party was a complete surprise to Helen.

The early part of the evening was spent in music and singing, after which the group settled down to “Bunko” and “Progressive Flea”. The honors were won by Carol CAHOON, Russell STEBBINS, Woodrow BROOKS and Latham SNELL.
At 10:30 refreshments were served at a large table. Everything was carried out in the color scheme of yellow and white, from the large table centerpiece, nut cups and favors, to the four-tiered birthday cake topped by fifteen yellow candles.
After more music the jolly group departed, leaving Helen a lovely toilet set and several small articles. All declared they had spent a most enjoyable evening.

The invited guests were Betty CARR, Wanda GREENWALT, Shirley FASHBAUGH, Carol CAHOON, Helen CURTISS, Lena Marie HUFFMAN, Woodrow BROOKS, Russell STEBBINS, Clayo REED, Latham SNELL, Marcus OTIS, John WHITE and Emerson BERNDT.


The OAK GROVE P.T.A was very pleasantly entertained at the home of Mrs. Otis WHITBY Nov. 12. After the usual business meeting, two contests were enjoyed by all, with honors being awarded to Mrs. I. W. JONES, Mrs. John CALLIER, Mrs. Myron KYSER and Mrs. John KOEWERS. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by the Misses Beulah WHITBY and Margaret PIKE. One guest, Mrs. I. W. JONES, was entertained…………Gladys H. COMPTON, Reporter.


SUDDEN DEATH - Wednesday morning, Clyde WARD took John KOEWERS with him to Grand Rapids, where he was to take his old job with the Valley City Gas Company. When they got to Grand Rapids, Mr. WARD went into a store for a few minutes and when he returned Mr. KOEWERS had slumped down in the seat and Mr. WARD rushed him to the Butterworth hospital, but he was dead when he got him there. Mr. KOEWERS has lived on his farm just west of the Grove school house for the past seven years. He had not been in the best of health. The remains were taken from Grand Rapids to Zeeland, his old home. He was 49 years old and leaves a widow and seven children.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1929: CARD OF THANKS - We wish to express to the friends and neighbors, the Saranac and Oak Grove P.-T. A. and the Saranac High School, our thanks and appreciation for their kindness and for the flowers sent at the time of the death of our dear husband and father.
~ Mrs. J. KOEWERS and Children.


START FOR FLORIDA – Mr. and Mrs. W. S. HEWITT left the first of the week for Florida. They had their home on wheels fixed up with every possible convenience and provisioned and they left with every prospect of a delightful trip and all will wish for them a safe and pleasant trip.


DIEHL-MORRIS – On Friday, at the Methodist parsonage in Saranac, Miss Bernice MORRIS of Lowell and George DIEHL of Mt. Pleasant were united in marriage. Rev. M. BUTLER officiated.


GET-TOGETHER CLUB – Club met with Bertha HARWOOD on Nov. 14. Thirteen members answered roll call by giving a Thanksgiving verse. After the business meeting music and readings were enjoyed by all. The hostess served a delicious lunch. We will meet with Jennie GOODELL Dec. 12.


KEENE BREEZES: Rev. BUTLER, who has been ill with the la grippe, has improved and was able to be in the pulpit Sunday.
Mrs. Vern SCOTT is slightly improved.
Ed FROST is ill with digestion and confined to his bed, under the doctor’s care.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray HOSKIN and family visited Sunday in Saranac with her father, Fred HUNTER.
Mrs. Robert HARDY entertained the Sunlight Club or Larkin Club last Friday; also corn huskers.
Mrs. Pearl HARDY is recovering from very severe cold.
Mrs. Arthur GOODELL returned from a week vacation and trip to the south Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Dell HARDY and Mrs. Warren REED and children; Hazel CONNER and Glen and Ward
     CONNER spent Sunday at the William HUFFMAN home.
The Ideal Club met last Thursday with Mrs. Genevieve DODDS, with a nice attendance. A fine potluck
     dinner was served at noon. The club tied a fine comforter. Business meeting convened and they decided
     to have a Christmas sale. Next meeting will be in December with Mrs. Delle LEE.
Mr. and Mrs. Ezra DeMOTT and family and Virginia McMULLEN of Allendale ate Sunday dinner at the
     home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn BRESTLEY and sister, Mary MEYERS. Mr. and Mrs. Dell LEE were
     afternoon callers. The gentlemen enjoyed a rabbit hunt and the ladies visited.
Mr. and Mrs. Harley HUNTER spent Sunday in Lowell with Mr. and Mrs. Merton SINCLAIR and family.
Mrs. Harold SIMPSON, Lorna PERRY and Nettie MEYERS accompanied Mrs. MEYERS’ brother, Roy
     EDSON, to Detroit last Friday and returned Tuesday.
About 30 friends and neighbors gathered at the home of Dell LEE on Saturday evening, Nov. 9, and
     enjoyed a radio party and progressive games.
Mrs. Ward WILLIAMS was ill several days of last week and under the doctor’s care.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene SNELL and family motored to Lansing Sunday and visited Mrs. SNELL’S sister, Mrs. SNELL’S mother, Mrs. Fred GOULD, returned with them for a short visit.
Mrs. Jessie Lee WEBSTER visited Saranac relatives Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sparks returned from a month’s sojourn in the west Wednesday evening. Welcome
     home, Maude and Charlie.
BERLIN NEWS: There will be Grange meeting at Berlin Center Friday evening. The new officers will be installed. Potluck
Mr. and Mrs. Ward BRANSON and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence MASON of Ionia spent Sunday visiting
     relatives in Flint.
Mr. and Mrs. Judson BARGER spent Sunday evening at Mr. and Mrs. Alvy RISING’S.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DENTON and Mr. and Mrs. Hal PATRICK attended a party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John UTESS of Ionia Wednesday evening.
Ronald GILMORE visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. GILMORE, over the week end.
Merritt PATRICK spent the week end with his cousin, Maurice GIERMAN, of Sebewa Center.
George VANDECAR, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur DENTON, Mrs. Fred BRANSON and Mrs. Mary Holly
     drove to South Haven Thursday to attend the funeral of their aunt and brother-in-law, A. I. BLOOD.
Mable PATRICK and Ariel DENTON attended a surprise party given for Ruth TUCKER Saturday
Sunday dinner guests at Mr. and Mrs. Hall PATRICK’S were Mr. and Mrs. Jack AUNGST and grandson, Murry MYERS and Mrs. Elva MITCHELL. Mr. and Mrs. Earl HERRON of Lakeview called in the
Mr. and Mrs. Johh WINEGAR spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. MIDDLETON of Saranac.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay FAULKNER and daughter and Mrs. Blanche FAULKNER spent Sunday in Grand
Mr. and Mrs. Homer WALTER and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lynn BUTLER.
Glenn MIDDLETON of Lansing spent from Wednesday until Friday with his sister, Mrs. John WINEGAR.
Mrs. Elmer BOWEN and daughter Mabel spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. James TOPP.


Eva A. HOPE of Ionia has started a suit for divorce against Frank M. HOPE.

Herbert KENT of Orleans is asking for a divorce from Bernice KENT.

Ms. Cora COTTINGHAM of Ionia has been awarded $1000 damages against Frank WARD of Lansing by a jury in the Ionia county circuit court, last week. She was injured in an automobile accident when the car in which she was riding collided with a truck driven by WARD on M-16.

Bruce LOWREY brought home a deer last week.

Elmer HILL and family of Grand Rapids spent the week end with her mother, Mrs. C. H. RACE.

Dr. HAY returned from his hunting trip Saturday. There were five in his camp and they got three deer.

Ralph BLACKMAN of Portland has sold 35 tons of white clover honey, and his brother, Russell BLACKMAN, 12,700 pounds, all produced by their colonies this season.


MORRISON LAKE: Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert LaVEAN spent Sunday at Vern Hunter’s of Odessa.
Mrs. Wm. CONROE is visiting relatives in Grand Rapids.
Mrs. W. HAY and Mrs. Alice GOODSELL spent last Monday with the latter’s parents in South Lowell.
Wayne MARKER had the misfortune to fall in the barn last week and break both bones in his left arm.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray LEWIS and sons and Mr. and Mrs. G. TRAVIS spent last Tuesday evening at Alice
Mr. and Mrs. John COTTRELL and daughter of Saranac and Floyd SHEPARD of Grand Rapids spent
     Sunday at John Marker’s.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert LaVEAN and sons helped Mrs. Alice GOODSELL with some painting last Friday.
Jay WALTER’S children have been entertaining the chicken-pox.
BERLIN NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. Fred BRANSON were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SKOOKS of Orange.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal PATRICK autoed to Grand Rapids last Tuesday to see “The Virginian” play.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred COURNEY were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. George RUDD.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvel CHURCH of Pontiac spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Jay FAULKNER and in the
     evening they all drove to Hastings to see Mr. BACKER.
Howard MERRITT and son George of Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie WILFORD were Sunday callers
     at Ernest MERRITT’S.
Mrs. PALMER of Lake Odessa visited Mr. and Mrs. Ward BRANSON Sunday.
Mary Pratt of Clarksville, who has been visiting at the Fran WALTER home, returned home Tuesday.
Mesdames Cari STUAT, Hal PATRICK and Arthur DENTON enjoyed a visit at the Ionia County Normal
     rooms at the Emerson school last Wednesday afternoon.
Clarence MOE has moved onto the Marvel CHURCH place.
Little Rose Mary GARLAND of Lansing visited at the Jay FAULKNER and Lynn BUTLER homes
Sunday dinner guests at James TOPP’S were Mr. and Mrs. Hal PATRICK and his mother, Amanda
     PATRICK, and George TOPP.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest MERRITT entertained with an oyster supper Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Will
     MILTENBERGER, Mr. and Mrs. Marion DAUSMAN and family, Mrs. Sam DAUSMAN and son
     and Geo. TOPP.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest MERRITT and Wm. MILTENBERGER, Mrs. Leo PHELPS, Mr. and Mrs. Howard
     DAUSMAN were in Lansing Tuesday.
Leo PHELPS came home from Ann Arbor Monday where he has been taking treatments. He is feeling
Mose FERNEY, an old resident of Clarksville, died last week.
T. S. BARBER has his new barn that takes the place of the one recently burned on his farm in Berlin,
     enclosed so he can house his stock.


Hans CHRISTENSEN, 19, Ionia
Carmen GLADDING, 19, Montcalm Co.
Milton FOSS, 80, Belding
Estella BRADSHOW, 61, Belding


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