The Advertiser
Saranac, Michigan
 April 15, 1936
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

THE ADVERTISER. Saranac, Ionia County, MI; April 15, 1936:

M. C. WEBER, E. C. GOOD, John FREEMAN, Mrs. Nelson O’BEIRNE, Arthur LOWREY and H. T. JOHNSON attended the Republican County Convention at Ionia, Tuesday.

W.C.T.U. – The W.C.T.U. was entertained at the home of Mrs. W. H. h April 10, attendance 17. Meeting was called to order by the president, Miss Mabel GOULD, with singing “Wind Bands of White Ribbon Around the World”. Miss GOULD offered prayer. Mrs. LOOMIS sang a solo with Mrs. FROST at the piano, which was very much appreciated. Miss BARBER read a short paper on the subject: “Local work of the W.C.T.U. Mr. GEHRING gave a very interesting talk.


BAD FIRE – The fire which started just as we were going to press last Wednesday afternoon, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Quimby WELLS, which they recently purchased of the Mrs. Andrew LANE estate, and had just finished redecorating and making a number of improvement and moved in.

The fire was first discovered by Mr. WELLs when he went to the kitchen to get a glass of water for Mrs. WELLS who was ill. As he opened the door the flames burst into the room and before they were under control had practically ruined the inside of the frame part of the building. The brick part was not badly damaged.

Their household goods were removed from the building and the loss on them was mostly a removal loss. The loss was satisfactorily adjusted last week by the insurance company. The fire started in the woodshed, but, is not known how.
Mrs. Wells was ill at the time of the fire and was removed to a neighbor’s home.


BERLIN PROGRESSIVE CLUB – Katherine TAYLOR was hostess Wednesday afternoon, April 9, to the Ladies’ Progressive Club of Berlin. Nine members and two associate members were present. Lorena DICKSON gave a review of the calendar for the coming year. Lillian DENMAN’S very interesting account of their Florida trip made us all wish that we might hit the Dixie Trail next fall. Then Jane NUSBAUM gave a talk on her five favorite magazines. In the contests Mildred SHERWOOD and Jane NUSBAUM won high honors. Maude DICKSON and Florence BENEDICT had the low scores.
Gladys DYKE received the “Surprise Feature”. The next meeting “Guest Day” May 13 will be held with Mildred SHERWOOD as hostess.


HE SLUGGED HIM – Clifford MILLER, 40, a farmer living near Belding, started to drive to Belding at about 11 p.m. Saturday night when his car was stopped by a machine parked across the road. MILLER got out to see what the matter was, when one of the men struck him in the face and the two forced him back into his own car, when MILLER grabbed a crank from the rear of his car and struck one of the men over the head. When he fell to the pavement the second man picked up his injured companion and pushed him into their car and drove away toward Ionia. Miller suffered cuts and bruises on the face, but they did not succeed in robbing him. Deputy Neves of Belding has charge of the case.


On Friday, the remains of Mrs. Otis RICHARDS, 79, of Wayland was brought here for burial in the Saranac cemetery. The family was well known here years ago.


P.T.A. TO HOLD HEALTH MEET – County Council, Supervisors and Others to Meet at Court Room April 21 – At the last regular meeting of P.T.A. held at the home of Dr. IMUS in Ionia, Harold E. STORZ, president of the Portland Association, gave a report on the activities of the local P.T.A. in securing the information and promoting activity toward fostering a health program for Ionia County.

Mrs. Roy PRYOR, also of Portland, who is Regional Chairman of District No. 4, obtained an excellent program covering this topic as a result of which this activity has received much impetus.

The president of the County Council, Mrs. Wm. WEISBERGER of Orange township, appointed Mr. STORZ as Chairman to arrange a meeting of all the P.T.A. groups in the county to that unified action might be undertaken.

This large gathering will take place at the Court House in the city of Ionia on April 21 at 7:30 P.M. Arrangements for the use of the Court Room being made by Mrs. George COE, Jr., President of the P.T.A. in Ionia.

At this time it is planned to have present all of the Supervisors of the county and an excellent program is now being arranged.
Mr. STORZ has appointed as subchairman, Mr. J. C. FOUNTAIN of Lake Odessa, who has been very active in this work.
Other members of the general committee are: Mrs. Walter Reed of Lake Odessa, Mr. Robert EARL of Belding, Mr. Harold R. WOOD of Lyons and Mrs. George COE of Ionia.

The sub-committee on arrangements includes: Mrs. Olive INSLEY, Otisco township; Mrs. Lester HULBERT, Orleans township; Mrs. Don FAUCENTT Ronald township; Miss Helen CUSACK, North Plains township; Mrs. Olive COMPTON, Keene township; Mrs. Lewis YOUNG, Easton township; Mrs. H. L. IMUS, Ionia township; Mrs. Henry MESTMAKEH, Lyons township; Mrs. Reuben LEE, Boston township; Mrs. A. RUMBAUGH, Berlin township; Mrs. R. HINDS, Orange township; Mrs. L. GREEN, Portland township; Mrs. Goodie SWIGER, Campbell township; Mrs. Victor WILSON, Sebewa township; Mrs. Frank BAKER, Danby township, and Mrs. Irwin HALL, Odessa township.

It is planned to have a speaker from the State Health Department who will explain the means of obtaining a public health unit for the county and possible costs of financing the same, going into the possibility or advisability of applying for assistance through the Kellogg Foundation or some similar organization.

All interested persons throughout the county are invited to attend. The meeting not only includes the Ionia County P.T.A., but also the groups from the cities of Ionia and Belding.


Miss Stella Irene BLISS of Odessa township and Gilbert NOYES of Boston township, Ionia county, were married Saturday afternoon, April 11, 1936, at the Congregational parsonage at Lake Odessa, by the Rev. E. H. HUMPHREY. They were attended by Elma NOYES, sister of the groom, and Gordon HOWLETT, cousin of the bride. They will reside on the Noyes farm in South Boston.

At the Plainfield Methodist parsonage in Grand Rapids on April 14, Rev. WADE, an old friend of the family, united in marriage Jane Irene TERRILL of Lansing and Mr. Clayton PHELPS of Kalamazoo. Their new home was all ready for them in Kalamazoo.


ALBERT E. WILKINSON - Albert E. WILKINSON was born Feb. 17, 1844 on a farm in Keene township now known as the TASKER farm. The farm was originally purchase from the government by Enoch Wilkinson, father of Brayton F. and Albert E. WILKINSON, who died in Detroit, April 12, 1936.

He was in the harness business in Saranac for over 20 years, moving to Ionia later to engage in business.

He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Rena XIDAS and Mrs. Edna MURTAGH of Detroit, and Clare WILKINSON of Lansing.
The funeral was held from the DENSMORE parlor Tuesday afternoon, conducted by Rev. John GEHRING. The burial was in the family lot in the Saranac cemetery.


WEST BERLIN EXTENSION CLUB: The last meeting of the West Berlin Extension Club was held at the home of Marian MITCHELL, April 9, 1936. Our lesson, on flower arrangement, was presented by our leader, Clara EDDY and Jeanette SMITH……Marian MITCHELL, Secretary.
The West Berlin Extension Club met at the home of Mrs. Clara EDDY on March 26, 1936. Our lesson was on “the arrangement of accessories” and “cane seat weaving”…..We adjourned to meet with Marian MITCHELL for our next lesson. Marian MITCHELL, Secretary.


COUNTY CONVENTION – The Republican County Convention at Ionia on Tuesday adopted resolutions endorsing Senator Arthur VANDENBERG for president, also the candidacy of Wilbur M. BRUCKER for Senator against James COUZENS and pledged its support to Representative Crawford and Governor FiTZHERALD, and endorsed Fred. W. GREEN as a delegate to the National Republican Convention. The delegate from Boston township to congressional convention is M. C. WEBER, alternate, Carl LOWREY. State convention, Ed. C. GOOD, alternate, Mrs. N. M. O’BEIRNE.


GOLDEN WEDDING – Mr. and Mrs. Eugene PECK observed their golden wedding anniversary Sunday, April 5th by keeping open house all afternoon and evening at the HAIGHT township hall, near Bruce’s Crossing, Michigan.
More than a hundred friends and relatives were in attendance. The rooms and tables were decorated in gold and white, bouquets of daffodils, jonquils and ferns were used.

Three little granddaughters dressed in yellow, acted as ring bearers and flower girls. The Rev. Fred BERGFIELD, at 5 p.m. officiated at the ceremony. The “bride” of fifty years carried a bouquet of yellow roses tied with yellow tulle.

Refreshments were served at six o’clock. Bill NIPPO’S orchestra furnished the entertainment.
Mr. and Mrs. PECK were the recipients of many gifts including a purse of silver.
They have ten living children and thirty-four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Mr. and Mrs. PECK were former residents of Keene township and were married there in 1886.
Eugene PECK was a brother of the late Clarence (CADD) PECK. Mrs. PECK (nee) Belle FROST, is a sister of Ed. FROST and Mrs. Dell LEE of Saranac.

They resided in Keene after their marriage, April 6, 1886, until the spring of 1888, when they moved to Groton, South Dakota, living there until October, 1893, when they homesteaded the farm in Haight township, near Bruce’s Crossing, Michigan, where they have resided for the past forty-three years.


STORES WILL CLOSE FROM 2 TO 3 O’CLOCK THURSDAY – By proclamation of President, Victor Poole, all stores will close from 2 to 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon during the funeral of Oliver H. BROWER, the last of the Civil War soldiers in this vicinity.

It is fitting and proper that we thus pay our respects to the last one of this great army of patriotic citizens to depart from our midst.


COUNCIL PROCEDINGS – Saranac, Mich., April 13, 1936 – Regular meeting of common council held Monday evening. Meeting called to order by President POOLE. Roll Call of members present were: POOLE, HUHN, STEBBINS, MERCER, WEBER, SCHEID and TALCOTT. Minutes of last meeting read and approved. Bills received and read were as follows: Consumers Power Co., street lights $154.42; Saranac Oil and Gas Co., 110 gal. of gas, 5 gal. motor oil, 10 bls. Cup grease, $20.42; Standard Oil Co., 110 gal. gas, $15.96; Clint Hayes, 5 weeks salary, $100.00; Henry HASKINS, drawing grave 75 cents, drawing cinders, 9 hours, $6.75, total $7.50. Motion made and supported to allow Joe BILLINGER, Stanley BROOKS, Wm. FREY, Clayton MONKS, Homer MYERS, Newell TUCKER, Claude BARGER, Richard LYONS, James WALLINGTON, Max DENSMORE and L. C. DAHNS, $1.00 each for fighting fire at Quimby Wells.

Motion made and supported that bills be allowed and orders drawn for same. Carried. Motion made and supported that the water shall not be turned on for any water user owing a water bill. Carried. Motion made and supported that money received from bank dividend be turned over to general fund, also that village should have but two funds, General and Water Funds. Carried.

Motion made and supported to appoint Dr. BRALEY as health officer for ensuring year. Carried. Motion made and supported to give Clint Hayes authority to purchase what he needs to complete fire equipment. Carried. Motion made and supported to adjourn council meeting. Carried. JAMES SCOTT, Clerk.


KEENE BREEZES – Mrs. A. B. LEE: Easter guests at the Wm. GARFIELD home were Mr. and Mrs. Robert SPARKS and family of Grand
     Rapids, and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle GARFIELD and family of Middleville.
Miss Geraldyne FREIDI and friend Tom CANFIELD, of Royal Oak, were Easter guests at the Ernest
     FREIDI home.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank HEETHER enjoyed Easter Sunday with their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John FISHER
     and family, near Clarksville.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert GOFF and family and Ivan HEWITT and children were Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs.
     Lee FRISBY of Reed City.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. GARFIELD were Sunday evening guests at the Dell LEE home.
Harold SIMPSON was taken to Grand Rapids for observation last week and was sent to Ann Arbor from
     there. Mr. and Mrs. SIMPSON were in Ann Arbor Thursday and Friday for a check-up on his
     condition as Mr. SIMPSON has been in poor health for some time. They will return to their home
     Monday. Mr. SIMPSON’S parents of Saranac are caring for their home while they are absent. The
     many Keene friends sincerely hope Mr. SIMPSON may receive benefit.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. PARKER and son Ora, were Sunday Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. BRADLEY.
Hilton WEEKS, the genial cream man, was pleasantly surprised with a fresh egg shower by his patrons upon
     his milk route. It is to be hoped Hilton didn’t consume too many eggs for Easter.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. GARFIELD attended Easter morning services at Saranac Congregational church. A fine
     program was rendered with a large attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HUNTER enjoyed the week end at their parents in Keene and Lowell.
Over 40 Grangers and families and friends enjoyed a nice meeting and fine program at their Keene Grange
     Hall last Thursday with a pancake, maple syrup and sausage supper.
Mr. and Mrs. Versil REED and Patsy, and Mr. and Mrs. Clay REED and daughter, were Easter guests of
     their parents, also Artie HOMER of Lansing, and cousins, Leo POST of Lansing, and Mrs. A. J. POST
     of Clarksville, Sunday evening callers were Mr. and Mrs. Dell POST and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur PINCKNEY will work the VANDERLIP farm the coming year.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee JONES, Mr. and Mrs. Jack JONES and Katherine KEISER and Grace JONES
     enjoyed Easter at Benton Harbor with their brother, Fred FASHBAUGH and mother, Mae L.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren REED and Milo and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. HUFFMAN, enjoyed Tim DOOLITTLE’S
     dance at the Ionia Armory, last Saturday evening.
Hazel CONNER and son Glenn, were Easter guests of Mr. and Mrs. Norman HIGGINS, and Sunday
     afternoon callers on Jake STAAL. They found him slowly improving.
Master Richard Jerry COURTER has been ill with the measles but is better at this writing.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton CAHOON, Mr. and Mrs. Paul CAHOON and Mr. and Mrs. Corwin CAHOON
     and Bessie Jean, Mr. L. M. CAHOON and Maurice and Dick, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. COMPAGNER were
     Easter guests at a family dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin SIMONS, of Dundee.
Miss Helen DODD of Grand Rapids spent Easter at home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph DODD.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Wilkinson of Lansing called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dell LEE, Tuesday.
SOUTH BOSTON – Mrs. Nelson O’BEIRNE: Miss Anna CAHOON spent the week end at her home and Mr. and Mrs. Carl HATCH of Wayne, Mrs.
     Bessie KING of Detroit, Will CHATTERSON, Mr. and Mrs. James HATCH of Saranac, were Sunday
     dinner guests.
Evart HOTCHKISS, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. HOTCHKISS, was operated upon Sunday at St. Mary’s
     hospital for appendicitis.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McCLURE and daughter Jean AYERS, of Detroit and Mr. and Mrs. Burton
     AUSTIN and son spent Easter vacation at the Charles AYERS home.
Mrs. W. E. BAKER has been ill with a hard cold.
The Earl HENDRICK family who have had four cases of measles and one of scarlet fever, are all on the
The South Boston P.T.A. was well attended Friday evening. A number of people from the SWEET school
     district put on the program under the direction of Mrs. John STERZICK. A grand supper was served by
     Mrs. GIBBS and assistants. The present P.T.A. officers of the South Bell school were re-elected. Mrs.
     Fred FAHRNI is president and the P.T.A. is a thriving one with grand programs and large crowds. The
     program for the May meeting is to be a “Hit and Miss” a number from each family.
     Miss Alice YOUNG, Lois and Freddy KLAHN and Mrs. Nelson O’BEIRNE and Scott, spent 
     Saturday in Ionia.
Wedding bells rang Saturday noon for Gilbert NOYES and Irene BLISS of Odessa township.
South Boston was saddened to hear of the death of Mr. VanDYKE who passed away at his Clarksville
     home Sunday evening at 8 p.m., after a week’s illness of pneumonia. Mr. VanDYKE would have been
     68 years old in June and was born and lived at Georgetown and came to South Boston 25 years ago,
     and later moved to his present home at Clarksville. He leaves besides his widow, three sons, Harry,
     Waldo of Lansing, Louis of Grand Rapids, and one daughter, Mrs. Margaret BRANDLE of Pullard. Mr.
     VanDYKE although very retiring was highly respected and will be missed and long remembered as a
     good citizen, a kind husband, and a loving father of Christian faith. Funeral services were held at the
     home Wednesday at 1 p.m. Rev. KNOL officiating. Interment at Georgetown.
Mr. and Mrs. Claude HARKER visited the latter’s sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. John RUMOHR, at
     Belding, Sunday.
Boyd O’Beirne and friend, Harold FAYERLAND, of Belding, spent Sunday at home.
Bonita TUCKER of Marlette spent the week end at home, as did Maynard TUCKER also.
     Gerald and Helen KYSER are home from an extended trip through the west.
Perry FREEMAN is recovering from a recent attack of measles.
James and Earl HARKER entertained the Saranac H.S. Livestock Club Thursday evening.

Lyle FRENCH, 55, OF Ionia, who has for over 40 years been connected with the firm of G. W. FRENCH & Son, thirty-six as a partner with his father and since his death four years ago, sole owner, died Friday morning after a weeks illness with pneumonia. He came to Ionia at the age of 15 years and began work in his father's store and has been connected with this store since.  His wife and son, Robert, who is a senior in the Ionia High school this year, will continue to operate the store.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis COMPTON and Miss Stella POCIUS of Berlin, visited Mr. and Mrs. F. T. DAVIS.
Mrs. Quimby WELLS submitted to a major operation at Blodgett hospital Tuesday morning and is reported
     to be doing as well as can be expected.
The law declares that no bluegills, sunfish or warmouth bass shall be caught between the dates of April 30
     and June 25 in any of the inland water of the state.
The M. E. Ladies’ Aid will hold their regular meeting at the Aid Rooms Tuesday, April 21. Supper at 5
     o’clock. Everyone welcome.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. MARKER arrived home from Florida, Thursday, where they have spent the winter.
     They just missed a cyclone in Georgia on their way home. They reached Corbin, Ga., just one hour after
     the storm had passed through the town. It had killed a number of residents and destroyed thousands of
     dollars worth of property. If they had not had automobile trouble they would have been in the town when
     it happened. They visited in Ohio on their way home. His father and Jessa MARKER are waiting for it to
     warm up here before they come home.
POTTER’S CORNERS – Mrs. Blanche GOODELL: Miss Virginia HALL of Grand Rapids spent last week with her sister, Mrs. Judson WALTER.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben SIMONS of Dundee, gave an Easter dinner Sunday for her father, L. M. CAHOON,
     and her brothers, sisters and families, numbering seventeen. Mrs. Ethel JOHNSON and daughter Phillyis
     Jane, of Delaware, Ohio, helped to complete the family circle.
Mr. and Mrs. Clye MERTZ of Middleton, and Mrs. Harold McCLUTCHEY of Onaway, and Lyle
     GOODELL, spent Easter Sunday at Arthur GOODELL’S.
Mrs. Maude BORCK is staying with her sister, Mrs. Eva ROBINSON, of Orange, who is ill.
Mrs. Harry FASHBAUGH was called to Orland, Ind., last week by the serious illness of her father, Frank
The Ideal Club was entertained last Thursday by Mrs. Evelyn CAHOON, assisted by her mother, Mrs.
     BROCK, and daughter, Mary Lou. There were four guests present, Mrs. John WEINERT Jr., Mrs.
     George HARDY, Rachel HUFFMAN and Mrs. Corwin CAHOON. Mrs. Beulah PARKER, who
     substituted for Eunice WILLIAMS will receive the next quilt. The May meeting will be held with Minnie
     HUFFMAN. The program will be furnished by Geneva FASHBAUGH, Hattie COOK and Olive
Mr. and Mrs. Versil REED, Mr. and Mrs. Miles GRANT and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton REED, of Lansing,
     spent Sunday at Warren REED’S.
A fine supper of pancakes, sausage, maple syrup and coffee was served at the Grange meeting Friday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon MEYERS and daughters, spent Saturday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer
Mrs. Louise SHOATER and little son of Detroit, and brother, Marvin Church of Lansing, were Saturday
     breakfast guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer BOWEN.
Mrs. Fred STARK, who has been visiting in Battle Creek, was taken with a severe attack of asthma and N.
     S. JOHNSON and H. T. JOHNSON went to Battle Creek Monday and brought her home with them.
KEENE HEIGHTS – Mrs. Mary RICKERT: Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HARDY and son Jimmie, were Easter guests of her sister and family in Greenville.
Mr. and Mrs. James DENNIS and children of Lansing, spent Easter Sunday with her mother and family and
     callers there were Mr. and Mrs. Paul RICKERT and children of Lowell, also Ray RICKERT and wife
     and Russell WHEATON.
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle WHEATON and children of Grand Rapids, spent Friday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
     Clayton SPARKS.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. HUNTER and son of Flint, spent over Sunday with the home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd SPARKS of Muskegon, were Easter Sunday guests of his brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton SPARKS.
Mr. and Mrs. Dell HARDY and son Robert, were Easter guests of the O. L. VANDERLIP and Arthur
     PINCKNEY families.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur PINCKNEY and daughter, Janet, and Mr. and Mrs. Theron CAHOON, and Mrs.
     Grace Vanderlip, were in Grand Rapids Tuesday.
The Bridge Club was entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton SPARKS Saturday evening, it being
     their last meeting for the season. Games and refreshments were the order of the evening, after which they
     all departed for their homes thanking Mr. and Mrs. Clayton SPARKS for a pleasant evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Noah BISHOP of Easton, and Mr. and Mrs. Theron CAHOON and Guy RICKERT, spent
     Tuesday evening at the Hazel CONNER home.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry DENNY of Lowell called at Archie DENNY’S one evening last week.
Ward HARTWELL who is attending school in Ann Arbor, was home for Easter.
Mrs. Quimby WELLS was taken to Blodgett hospital Sunday for observation.
Miss Irene SPEERSTRA of near Lowell, visited the past week at Archie DENNY’S.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd BIGLEY of Grand Rapids were Sunday evening guests of Ralph BIGLEY.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. WALTER entertained on Easter Sunday, Miss Beulah CHADWICK, of Chicago; Mrs. Clara CHADWICH and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce LOWERY, and Alice, of Saranac; Mr. and Mrs. Harry MYERS of Ionia, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce WALTER of Lowell.
Don GOODELL has been appointed the local representative for the Massy-Harris farm implements. He is
     located at his home at POTTER’S Corners, three miles north of Saranac, and is prepared to give you
     quick and prompt service. You will find his announcement each week in our advertising columns.
Governor FITGERALD’S offer to lone $1,000,000 to Detroit out of next years relief money has been
     accepted. The Governor disapproved of Detroits proposed raise of city employes and the extending of
     the school year from 9 ½ to 10 months, when the city funds were in the red and refused to increase the
     relief appropriations until Detroit agreed to cut these items out.
Chester MERO, 25, of Morley, received head and body cuts when he drove his car from the Pease gas
     station at Wood’s Corners on Saturday, when it was struck by another car on M-14 driven by Arthur
     BREW, 34, of Grand Rapids. MERO was taken to the Ionia hospital and BREW was taken into Justice
     BEATTIE’S court at Ionia where he paid a fine and costs of $11.80 for driving without a drivers’ license.

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