The Advertiser
Saranac, Michigan
 April 8, 1936
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

THE ADVERTISER, Saranac, Ionia County, MI; April 8, 1936:

Mrs. R. B. BOYLAN, 82, of Lowell, died at Kissimmii, Fla., on Monday where she was spending the winter. The body will be brought to Lowell.



Ardath OLMSTEAD spent the week end with Phyllis LOWREY.

Mrs. Susie DICKSON spent Tuesday evening with Mrs. Walter LEE.

Mrs. Myron RIGGS is improving and her friends are glad to see her out again.

Friday night is the Grange meeting.

Mr. and Mrs. Bert KIMBALL spent Sunday in Ada.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle GOODELL were Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Art GOODELL.

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin SWIGGER of Grand Rapids and Mr. and Mrs. Francis RISING were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Alvy RISING.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald GILMORE of Pontiac were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. GILMORE, Mr. and Mrs. Ed WHITE of Ionia were also guests.

A large crowd attended the play Monday night, given by members of the Grange.

David STEADMAN is visiting his son in Ionia.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence BURMAN, who lived on the Frank FISHER place, has moved to Odessa township.

The Berlin Center Aid furnished the dinner and supper for the men on election day.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray CONNER were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. T. COMPTON.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred BRAMON were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer SHOOKS.

Mr. and Mrs. James TOPP, Sr., were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. LOWERY.

Mrs. Lynn BUTLER entertained the Clover Leaf Club last Wednesday.


The funeral of A. J. BOWEN will be held from the home in Keene on Thursday afternoon at 2 o’clock.


LOCAL HAPPENINGS By Our Own News Correspondents:

Miss Jennie PARMALEE is home from a week’s vacation.

Mrs. Judson BARGER, who has been at Nashville during the winter, came home last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Max ADGATE and sons spent Sunday with Mrs. Georgia ADGATE.

Miss Ethel DAVID returned Sunday after noon to her school work at Diamondale.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank HERRICK and children of Flint, spent the week end at the PARMALEE home.

Mr. and Mrs. Lyle BRALEY and family of Grand Rapids spent Sunday with his parents here.

Mr. and Mrs. Miles DODDS spent the week end in Lowell with his sister, Mrs. Hattie WALKER.

Miss Susie HUNT came by plane from Phoenix, Ariz., to attend the funeral of her mother.

Mrs. Nellie BARGER has returned to her home here after spending the winter in Nashville.

Mrs. Eugene CAHOON and daughter Gay, spent the week end with friends in Grand Rapids.

Mr. and Mrs. A. K. COBB of Boston township entertained the COBB family at dinner on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. HUNT of Detroit were here Saturday arranging for the funeral of his mother, Mrs. E. H. HUNT.

Wm. GRANT has purchased the Ed GOODELL farm near Morrison Lake and Mrs. GOODELL has purchased a house and lot in Lake Odessa.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell STEERE and children, Ellen, Robert and James, of Crystal, were Sunday visitors at the Bert and Keith TALCOTT homes.

Mrs. Florence DAWSON and sons spent Friday and Saturday in Ionia with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank CORCORAN.

Mr. and Mrs. Al REMSTER, D. REMSTER and Miss Edith SPADE were visitors at Jesse Fosburg’s Saturday, returning to Flint that night.

Mr. and Mrs. CALHOUN of Grand Rapids came Monday to visit her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Jesse LOTT. Mrs. Calhoun remained for a longer visit.

Harold THORPE has been carrying the mail on route two for a few days as Glen TOWER, regular carrier has been incapacitated with a cold on his lungs.

L. D. and Catherine SHAVER have purchased the Cornelius COURTER place east of town, for Mrs. COURTER. They will move as soon as the house can be vacated and some remodeling done.

Mrs. Lottie WALLINGTON returned home on Saturday accompanied by her sister, Mrs. ELY and daughter, Vivian, of Indianapolis, Ind., where she had been spending the winter.

Shirley TUCKER has had water installed in the LEWIS blacksmith shop which he recently purchased and is making repairs and hopes soon to have it properly equipped for an up-to-date Body Shop.

Mrs. Pearl M. Millard, who with her husband, has spent the winter in Clearwater, Fla., wrote that they left for home on Monday and expect to take two or three weeks to make the trip to their home in Fremont.

Governor FITZGERALD has appointed C. H. RUNCIMAN of Lowell a member of the state emergency relief commission to succeed the late Charles H. BENDER of Grand Rapids. William J. NORTON of Detroit will be the new chairman of the commission.

Al BURBANK, Miss Helen COMPTON and Carl MEYERS of Adrian, spent Sunday night with Mrs. Louise COMPTON and Mrs. MEYERS returned home with them after spending two weeks with her mother. GARN COMPTON of Clarksville was also a Sunday guest and Miss Harriet COMPTON of Grand Rapids spent the week end at home.

Leander M. HOWE, 84, of Ionia, was fatally injured Friday noon when he stepped from behind a parked automobile on Lincoln avenue, in Ionia. He suffered a fractured skull, broken pelvis and collar bone. He died in the Ionia hospital Saturday afternoon. He was struck by a truck on the way from Detroit to Grand Rapids on M-21. A coroner’s jury called by Harry MYERS held Henry JACKSON of Detroit, driver of the truck, blameless and that it was an unavoidable accident.

Gordon CONNER is on the sick list.

Dorian ADGATE is another mumps patient.

Mrs. Minor CARMAN is visiting her mother in Traverse City.

Mrs. Ada HICKS of Belding is staying with her sister, Mrs. Mary RUSS, for a time.

Mr. and Mrs. VANDERHOFF of Cedar Springs visited her sister, Mrs. Geo. Lake, Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. A. M. SHERMAN, who have spent the winter in Lansing, came home Sunday.
A. W. HUNTLEY was in his store again last week after a short illness which confined him to his home.

Dr. S. A. CROWDER did not move from his apartment in the Mrs. RACE flat as was announced last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Max KAISER of Lansing called on Mrs. Wandah WITBECK, and Kay, last Friday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Clare HASKINS of Grand Rapids were Thursday evening guests of Dr. and Mrs. S. A. CROWDER.

Mrs. Vivian TISCHER is taking the spring term work at Western State Normal College at Kalamazoo.

Warren PETERSON who has been very ill for the last two weeks, is improving although still confined to his bed.

Mr. and Mrs. N. S. JOHNSON and Edla attended the funeral of Mrs. William HARRIS, at Belding, Saturday.

Rev. L. L. DEWEY of Grand Rapids, District Supt., conducted the service on the Saranac-Orleans circuit Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Carl HASKINS have moved from the BARGER house on the west side to the Carl PECK house on Church street.

Mr. and Mrs. M. C. WEBER spent part of last week with their daughter, Mrs. Clarence DOLLAWAY, of Lowell, because of her illness.

Mrs. Catherine SHAVER has enrolled at Ypsilanti State Teachers College for the spring term. Mrs. Lucile WEBER will finish her school year at the BEARD school.

Mrs. Fred STARK went to Grand Rapids Sunday where she will visit Mrs. Clara OBERLIN and will go from there to Battle Creek to visit Mrs. Maude MILLER.

Shirley SOLOMON is spending a week with Mrs. Mary RUSS while she is having the mumps so as not to expose the other members of her family to this “swell” disease.

Mr. and Mrs. Forrest GREENE and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HILL attended a dinner dance in Grand Rapids Friday evening given for employees of the Standard Oil Company.

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. GOODELL of Edmore, visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur GOODELL, last week. Mr. GOODELL reports that he is having splendid success in his school work this year especially is this true of athletics.

Ray Owens, district manager of the Consumers Power Co., estimates that Ionia city gas users will be saved between $6,000 and $8,000 annually as a result of the new natural gas service expected to be put in operation there by May 1st.

Ed. HIGBEE, County Drain Commissioner has received notice from Washington that all WPA drain improvements will be halted until they can be checked and approved by the federal biological survey. This will take at least two months. The order affects a $286,000 program for Ionia county which called for improvement and cleaning out of 35 drains.

MANY THANKS: To the Royal Neighbors, P. N. G. Circle, and the Mite Society for fruit, plants, etc. and all the kind neighbors and friends who came to see me. I thank you all, it is pleasant to be remembered when one is shut in. My thanks also to Rev. Loomis and Rev. Gehring for pleasant calls. – Mrs. Eliza M. STARK.

Mrs. Garner Eddy is spending two or three weeks with her daughter, Mildred, in Detroit.


RESOLUTION OF RESPECT – In memory of Sarah J. BURKE, who died March 10, 1936.

Death has again entered our chapter hall and called to the Eternal Home a dear Sister, who has completed her faithful labor here in ministering to the cry of the orphan, to the call of want and to the piteous trail of sorrow, and as a recompense has received the welcome plaudit, “well done”, from the Great Master.

And Whereas, the loving Father has called our beloved and respected Sister home, and she having been a true and faithful member of our Mystic Order, therefore,

Be It Resolved, That Valley Chapter, No. 276, Order of the Eastern Star, of Saranac, Michigan, in testimony of its loss, be draped in mourning for thirty days and that we tender to the family our sincere condolences in their deep affection, and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family. – Mae L. COBB, Eda M. TALCOTT, Anna M. BRALEY, Committee.



Mr. and Mrs. Clayton SPARKS and children spent Tuesday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon MYERS, near Saranac.

Mr. and Mrs. Harley HUNTER spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Will HUFFMAN.

Mr. and Mrs. James DENNIS and children of Lansing were week end and Sunday guests of her mother, Mrs. Mary RICKERT and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Glen GRAHAM of Lowell were also guests there. Callers in the afternoon were Lewie ALBAR and children, Miss Violet DENNIS and mother, Mrs. Letta DENNIS, of Grand Rapids, Lee TEFFT of Lansing, Mr. and Mrs. Ward CONNER and son, Dick, and Geo. HARDY.

Mrs. Mary RICKERT called to see her sister, Mrs. B. E. RICKERT, in Saranac, Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Ray RICKERT had a birthday party for Russel WHEATON, Friday evening, it being his tenth birthday.



The Berlin Aid Society met at the home of Mrs. Glenn SIBLE. There was a good crowd attended. Mrs. Marion MITCHELL received the quilt.

Mr. and Mrs. Max ADGATE and family, Mrs. George ADGATE, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald ADGATE and daughter, spent Sunday in Grand Rapids with Mr. and Mrs. George CUPP.

Miss Dorothy LEWIS spent the week end at Clarksville with her mother, Mrs. Russell WALTERS.

Miss Stella POCIUS spent the week end at her home in Lyons.

Mrs. Vina MORRISON has been at the home of her mother caring for her during her illness.

Leslie MORRISON has purchased the Wade ALLEN farm.

CARD OF THANKS – I wish to thank all of those who helped to put out the fire at my home last Wednesday morning. – Mrs. D. G. HUHN.

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey KIDDER of Ionia, spent Sunday with Mrs. Kate HUNTER.

Mr. and Mrs. Elvert BAIRD have leased the Breman Oil Station went of town on M-21.

Mrs. A. F. COBB acted as installing officer at a meeting of the White Shrine in Ionia last Thursday evening. Others attending from here were Mr. and Mrs. T. O. HARTWELL, A. F. COBB, George COBB, Mr. and Mrs. Robert BROWN, Mrs. Jane BROWN, Mrs. F. W. BRALEY, Mrs. Miles DODDS, Mrs. Eugene CAHOON and Miss Gay CAHOON, Phyllis MYERS and Rev. John GEHRING, the latter three being on the program. Mrs. Grace DARROW was installed Worthy High Priestess and Mr. Arthur WORTHY High Priest.


CIRCUIT COURT JURY – The April Circuit Court Jury was drawn Monday by County Clerk William C. HOLTZ, Sheriff Herbert A. ROSS and Justice of the Peace Donald M. STEELE and John C. BEATTIE.

Those whose names were drawn are:
Ionia, first ward, Homer KENNEDY; Ionia, second ward, Florence WILDER; Ionia, third ward, Herbert ROBB; Ionia fourth ward, Paul KRESS, Belding first ward, Mrs. Iva EMERY, Belding second ward, Sarah COLVIN; Belding third ward, Frank ENGEMAN; North Plains, Tom DONAHUE; Ronald, John EAVES; Keene, Floyd ELLISON; Orleans, Wesley PETERSON; Otisco, Ben SHINDORF; Easton, Walter DILLENBECK; Portland, Robert LOCKWOOD; Lyons, Judson BANNON; Berlin, Seigel BENNETT; Orange, Fred BRICKLEY; Ionia twp, Mrs. Henry ROBERTSON; Boston, Dorothy GAMSBY; Campbell, John HEAVEN; Odessa, Jesse HAZEN; Sebewa, Maude PROBASCO; Danby, John BUTLER; Ionia city first ward, Fay HOWARD, John A. WINCHELL; Belding first ward, Mary JOHNSON; Belding second ward George WORTMAN; Belding, third ward, Selma PORTER.



Nell SPARKS of Boyne City spent Tuesday night with Chattie CROZIER.

Born April 5, a 12-pound by to Mr. and Mrs. Orval RING.

Mr. Ed ENGEMAN and wife and Dorothy PURDY were at Mt. Pleasant Saturday looking up school interests.

The Chattie CROZIER house on Charles street had a bad roof fire Sunday, March 29. Small insurance.

Alfred DAVIS of Symrna passed away Saturday. Burial was held Monday at Smyrna.



Cutler P.T.A. will meet Friday evening at the CUTLER school house. Mrs. COMPTON and Helen TOLES are the program committee and Hazel BAIRD and Lizzie HOOVER eats committee. Mrs. WEISGERBER will speak and a health talk will be given.

Mary POTTER will again open her home next week Wednesday for the Jolly Community Club for an early dinner. Election of officers. All members please be present.

Keene Grangers have decided to donate their hall and entertain with the Jolly Community Club in the near future for a shower for Mr. and Mrs. Geo. FRANKS who lost their home by fire. Watch these items for the date.

Nora BAIRD has re-leased the former BRENNEN oil station on M-21 and will serve light lunches and ice cream cones as well as gas and oils.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter VANDENHOUT of Grand Rapids spent Wednesday evening with Mr. and Mrs. VANDENHOUT.

Louise and Genevieve BARKLEY of Eloise spent one day last week with their father, John BARLKEY. Ed. POTTER spent Sunday afternoon there.

Mr. COMPTON and son Clyde spent Monday evening at the Ed. POTTER home.

Mary Ann POTTER returned from Grand Rapids Friday and she and Mr. and Mrs. Ed. POTTER and Paul were in Ionia, Saturday. Nora BAIRD was also in Ionia, Saturday.



And still winter is with us, snow and more snow. April has been winter weather this far.

Mr. and Mrs. Jessie PARKER and family and Mrs. Lewis STEVENS were callers on Mr. and Mrs. Ward WILLIAMS last Sunday and saw the fine new baby girl, Marion Esther, Mother and daughter are fine. Congratulations.

Robert HARDY, Jr., has been having the measles, but is nicely improved.

Mr. and Mrs. Don PIERCE have moved to Greenville where Mr. Pierce has accepted a position at the Greenville creamery driving truck.

Mr. and Mrs. Ward CONNER and son Richard, enjoyed the week end in Grand Rapids with friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. BOOTH were last Tuesday guests at the Lewis STEVENS home.

Raymond FIERSTEEN entertained the mumps recently.

Corn husking, clover hulling, sheep shearing and buzzing wood is the order of the day with farmers.

Mr. and Mrs. Clyde STEVENS and Mrs. W. M. DAILY and granddaughter and Gayla Van HOUGHTON were guests at the Lewis STEVENS home. Sunday, March 29 were Mr. and Mrs. Clyde STEVENS of Grand Rapids and other callers were Mrs. Wm. DAILY and granddaughter Gayla Van HOUGHTON, an old school teacher who taught the POTTERS Corners school some time ago, but now teaching in Odessa. Call again Gayla.

Nurine CAHOON returned from Lansing Sunday where she spent her spring vacation with her aunt.

Mrs. Flossie Marie LONG, 36, of Ionia, died at the Ionia hospital Monday, of pneumonia.

Rev. Ray S. ULLESBACK of Central Lake is the new pastor of the Portland Congregational church.

L. L. BURCH, who died at Rochester, Michigan, last week, was a former county clerk of Ionia county. He was 76 years of age.

Gov. John C. B. EHRINGHANS of N. Carolina will be the principal speaker at the Jefferson Day banquet Monday evening, April 13 at the Rowe Hotel, Grand Rapids.

Orange township has turned over to the Ionia County Road Commission $800 which was left in their road fund when the county took over all of the township roads.

Word received by relatives here from Elmer Stebbins of Stanton, tell of the death of his grandson, Robert STEBBINS, 7 years of age, at the hospital in Lakeview following an operation for appendicitis. Private funeral at the home on Wednesday.

Mrs. Clarence WOLVERTON, 70, of South Ionia, died Monday morning. She had been in poor health for a year. Surviving her are her husband, Clarence; one daughter, Mrs. E. C. LONGFIELD, Ionia county; two brothers, John HINDS and Albert HINDS, of Orange township and one sister, Mrs. Anna POST, of Belding.


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