The Advertiser
Saranac, Michigan
 August 26, 1909
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

THE ADVERTISER, Saranac, Ionia County, MI; Thursday, August 26, 1909:

SOUTH BOSTON: Mr. and Mrs. STOCKING and granddaughter of Grand Rapids visited from Wednesday until
     Saturday with Frank O’HARROW and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. C. GLICK and daughter, her sister and Edith WALTER, visited at Otis
     HERRON’S Sunday.
Mrs. G. H. CAROTHERS and daughter of Lansing are visiting friends and relatives here.
Mrs. Minnie TUCKER and children called on Mrs. Lucy O’HARROW Sunday evening.
Mrs. McARTHUR, Mr. and Mrs. Norman STUART and sons attended the Moffat reunion at
     Grand Ledge Tuesday.
Abbie and Mable TROWBRIDGE of near Saranac visited friends and relatives in this vicinity for
     a couple of weeks.
Mose FURNEY of Clarksville worked for Geo. GROSS part of last week.
Agnes HUGHSON and Mabie KINYON took supper with Mrs. Mary TUCKER Friday.
Mrs. Harriet CILLEY and son Wesley of Lansing are visiting relatives here.
H. EVANS and wife and Frank O’BARROW attended the picnic at Freeport Tuesday.
Mrs. Samuel McMULLER went to Grand Rapids Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis HERRON were in Lowell Thursday.
Mrs. MICK and sons Claude and Geo. visited her son Lewis and family Friday.
Mrs. Justina FURNEY visited her daughters a few days last week.
Ray HERRON and wife returned to their home in Saranac Tuesday after spending a few days
     with his brother, Otis.
Mattie SHAW, who is working for Mrs. Lewis MICK called on Mrs. Pearl HERRON Friday p.m.
E. F. HUGHSON and family attended the KINGON reunion held at Ed Keel’s at West Lowell.
     Miss Mabel ___ accompanied them home to visit friends here.
Mr. and Mrs. Zina GILBERT and baby of Lowell drove through here on their way home from a
     visit with Evart Post of Clarksville.
Ed BABCOCK’S mother and sister Hattie are visiting him for a week.
KEENE HEIGHTS: Mrs. W. H. Rickert has a new organ purchased from Post & Brown.
Irene Bigley returned Friday from a two weeks visit in Eureka; her cousins, Hugh and Larissa
     BIGLEY accompanied her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome LAVERY of Ionia visited at W. H. RICKER’S Sunday.
M. K. JEPSON and family attended a birthday party for Ed JEPSON Saturday, it being Mr.
     JEPSON’S fiftieth birthday.
Cyclone BOWEN and friend visited his sister, Mrs. Fred O’HARROW of South Lowell Sunday.
Miss Beulah HEETHER entertained several friends Sunday afternoon and evening.
The L. A. S. of Keene will hold an ice cream social at the residence of W. R. BOWEN on Tuesday
     evening, August 31, with the following program: Song, Milo ABBOTT; recitation, Evelyne B
     ROCK; song, “May Blossoms”, Marjory LOCKS; recitation, Lee LAMPKINS; recitation,
     Hazel LEE, song, “Anchored” voices in unison, six young ladies.



OBITUARY - JAMES R. SCOTT - James R. Scott was born in Endinburg, Scotland, May 12, 1819. Came to Canada when a child with his parents, lived there about thirty years, then he came to Michigan, where he has since lived.

He was the father of twelve children, nine of who with his beloved wife survive him. After a lingering illness he passed away Aug. 21,about eight o'clock A.M. The funeral was held from the M. E. church Monday at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. G. K. Fairbanks.
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BREVITIES: Lyle BRALEY is visiting his grandparents at Frankfort.
Mrs. Dr. BRALEY visited her daughter, Mrs. J. Howard PAYNE of Lowell Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. CRAWFORD and Mr. and Mrs. C. ROMANDER were in Grand Rapids to
     see the auto races on Friday.
Wm. CRAWFORD and S. MILLER of Vestaburg, W. CAPEN of Rockford, Ohio, and Miss Florence ADAMS of Detroit, were here Sunday to attend the funeral services of Albert ADAMS.
Mr. and Mrs. MARRIOT of Grand Rapids spent Sunday with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H.
     R. BROWN.
Dr. C. L. WATT of Washington, D.C., who is doing some special work for the census department
     in Michigan spent Sunday with his father, S. A. WATT and other relatives.
Dr. WHITE came up from L(o?)well Saturday and joined Mrs. WHITE and the children who were
     visiting Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McKAY for an over Sunday visit.
Mrs. Nettie BARBER of Grand Rapids was in town Thursday.
Mrs. Frank GAMSBY and son Gleason left on Thursday to visit relatives in Canada and New
     Hampshire. They are expected to be gone about six weeks.
Byron, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. McKELVEY of Detroit, who has been spending a few weeks
     with relatives here returned home Saturday.
Mrs. John MONKS and Mrs. John WALTER were in Ionia Saturday.
Mrs. W. C. Hall spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clark YOUNGS in Grand Rapids.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. WHEELER of Grand Rapids come up Saturday, in their auto, to visit
     friends over Sunday.
Mrs. A. J. SMITH was in Ionia Friday.
Mrs. Wm. COURSER and Mrs. TRA(?)N were in Ionia Thursday.
Truman PRATT and M. Woodman was in Lowell Thursday.
A. Button of Grand Rapids was in town Thursday.
Mrs. R. K. Taylor visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Taylor last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Willard spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. SCHEIDT.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. COVERT went to Detroit Monday.
SOUTH BOSTON:: Mrs. Justina FURNEY spent the latter part of last week with her daughters.
Mrs. McARTHUR returned from a visit with relatives at Alto last Monday.
M. Benton KELLER and wife of Indianapolis, are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mina
H. EVANS was on the sick list a day or two last week.
Otis HERRON cut wheat and rye for Mr. BURMAN last week.
Lewie MICK, Norman STUART, Otis HERRON and Edd TUCKER all threshed last week.
Margret and Adolph ROTH picked raspberries at Geo. TUCKER’S Saturday.
J. S. BARGER has his new barn up and enclosed, which is quite an addition to his farm.
Dr. J. R. HAY had just had his office re-decorated and re-fitted and he has as fine a suite of
     offices as one could desire.
M. A. BENSON accompanied by B. N. TALCOTT and H. T. JOHNSON drove his auto to Grand
     Rapids Friday to see the auto races. It was a delightful day for a trip and Mr. BENSON
     handled his new machine in splendid shape and made a fast run to the city and return and
     without a skip or mishap of any kind.


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