The Advertiser
Saranac, Michigan
September 28, 1899
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

THE ADVERTISER, Saranac, Ionia County, MI; Thursday, September 28, 1899:

Married at Westville:
One of the prettiest home weddings of the season occurred Thursday evening, Sept. 14, 1899, at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. PIFER, in Westville, when their daughter, Edith M., was united in marriage to Mr. Geo. H. WARNER, a well-to-do farmer of Berlin. The bride was tastefully dressed (in) white satin with pearl trimmings, carrying a bouquet of bridal roses, while the groom was dressed in the usual black. They were attended by the bride’s sister, Leona L. and Mr. Will ADGATE of Berlin. At eight o’clock sharp, the groom and bride marched to the beautiful strains of the wedding march played by Miss Edith ALLEN and stood under the wedding bell of white and gold trimmings, the ceremony being performed by Rev. F. E. STOWELL, the bride’s uncle. After the usual congratulations the large company of invited guests marched to the beautifully decorated dining room and partook of a bountiful supper. They received many beautiful and costly presents too numerous to mention. Mr. and Mrs. WARNER will be at home to their friends at their residence in Berlin after Oct. 6. – ONE WHO WAS THERE.



Guy W. HART, a job printer of Lake Odessa had the misfortune to lose the first three fingers of his right hand Monday, by getting them caught in a press.

Frank E. DORMUS, ex-postmaster and editor of the PORTLAND REVIEW, will move to Detroit and enter the Detroit College of Law. Postmaster Mauren will be assuming the business and editorial management of the REVIEW.

As it seems to be an assured fact that the C. M. & N. E. railroad will be built through the township of SEBEWA and an effort is being made to establish a new town on the farm of Oliver BENSCHOTER, just west of Weippert’s mill.

DEATH: Mrs. Ada E. LUCE died at her home in Ionia township Monday. Deceased was 42 years of age and was the mother of May LUCE, killed at the fatal Lyons crossing two years ago. The only surviving member of the family is one son. The funeral for Mrs. LUCE was held Wednesday afternoon from the GRAHAM school, interment in Tuttle cemetery. – Ionia Sentinel.

Miss Gladys WILMINGTON, a Collins balloonist, was injured at Portage, Wis. Recently. In dropping she struck the roof of a house, and fell from there to the ground, striking on a sharpened stake which had been driven in the ground for some unknown purpose. The flesh on one of her limbs was torn from the bone for a distance of twelve inches, while the other limb was broken.

DEATH: Mrs. Sarah OSGOOD, the esteemed wife of our townsman, Dorr OSGOOD, after a short but severe illness, died last Saturday morning. All residents knew she was ill and seriously so, but still the announcement of her death was unexpected, although her children had been summoned. The event causes a gloom to shadow the faces of those who knew her and her respected husband, for all here are friends of Mr. and Mrs. OSGOOD – Belding Star Smyrna Cor.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred TOWNER of Danby township celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage last Monday. They have resided 40 years on the farm where they now live.

There is a possibility of the city losing the Herrick Casket Factory from its list of industries. Lyons is after it and offers to donate a building machinery and power for ten years to secure it. Mr. HERRICK is thinking seriously of accepting the offer, and only a few details now stand in the way of completing the deal. BELDING STAR.


CAMPBELL: Mrs. A. BURT visited several days in Lake Odessa last week.
Mrs. Geo. ROBBINS and daughter, Anna, spent part of last week at Caledonia.
Hiram LIVINGSTONE has nearly completed a very neat residence.
Israel HERRON and wife and their granddaughter, Erma DARBY, started Monday for a several
     weeks visit among friends at Roseville, Lima and Delphos, Ohio.
Maggie HAHN is assisting Mrs. Henry HULLIBERGER at her household duties. Mrs. H. is
     under the Dr’s care.
Mesdames Maggie and Phebe MOTE are visiting at Mason, Ingham county.
Miss Dot ANDREWS was the guest of Mrs. TASKER one day last week.
John HERRON and wife took a trip to Saranac Monday.
Mesdames COYKENDALL, of Odessa, were seen on our streets last Saturday.
SEBEWA will soon be connected with the outside world by telephone.

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