A Pioneer Journey by Judge Yeomans 1883


Report of the Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan Vol. 5 1883 Lansing, Mich.

W. S. George & Co.,  State Printers & Binders page 344
Transcribed and submitted by Bonnie Petee


A Pioneer Journey

Ionia Sentinal, August 21st, 1882

P. H. Taylor, in searching for material to be used in a paper for the State Pioneer Society, has obtained the following written by Judge Yeomans: "Memorandum of journey to Michigan. Left German Flats May 25th, 1833. (This date is undoubtedly incorrect.)

Buffalo, May 7th; landed at Detroit May 10th; left Detroit May 12th; Pontiac, 14th; Fuller’s. in Oakland county, 15th; Gage’s 16th; in the woods, 17th; at Saline, 18th and 19th; camped out from 20th to 28th." This memorandum and the poem are written on two pages of a small account book. The size of the page, 3 ˝ by 5 ˝ inches. The paper is very yellow and the ink very much faded. The poem is a hymn in common meter and no doubt was sung forty years ago by Mr. Yeomans, who was very fond of singing.

gratitude to God, on arriving to Ionia

We’ll praise Thy name, O God of Grace,

For all Thy mercies shown:

We’ve been preserved to reach this place

And find a pleasant home.

In journeying far from distant lands,

We’ve been Thy constant care;

Have been supported by Thy hand

To shun each evil snare.

Through dangers great and toils severe,

Thou Lord has led our way;

Thou art our helper evermore

To guide us day by day.

Help us, O Lord, to raise our song

Of gratitude to Thee;

Great God, to Thee all praise belongs

From land to land, from sea to sea.



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