The Advertiser
Saranac, Michigan

Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

April 7, 1898 Peter Scheidt Obit.; Randall Monks Obit; Boston & Berlin Election Results; Berlin, Keene, Fallsburg, Saranac Brevities; School notes   Nov. 14, 1923 Local News; Boston, Lowell, North Campbell, South Boston, Morrison Lake, and Local Brevities; Helen Minor obit
September 28, 1899 Pifer-Warner Wedding; County News; Campbell News   January 16, 1929 Local News; Jerome Walker, Mrs. James Carr, Emaline Sweet, and John Scott obits; Berlin and Boston & Lowell Brevities
August 28, 1902 Race results; weddings; death notices; Local Brevities   Nov. 20, 1929 Harvey Russ birthday; John Koewers death; County news; Keene, Berlin, and Morrison Lake Brevities; Marriage applications
September 4, 1902 Greene-Potter Wedding; County News; Local Brevities   Nov. 27, 1929 Vernette Kirby obit; Keene, South Keene, and North Boston Brevities
March 23, 1905 Robert Minor & D.W. Anderson Obits; Timothy Brown Death Notice; County News; Easton, Easton-Bolston, and Local Brevities   April 8, 1936 Local, Berlin, Keene Heights, Northeast Berlin, Belding, S. Keene, Keene, and North Boston Brevities; Resolution of Respect for Sarah Burke; Circuit Court Jury drawings
August 26, 1909 James Scott obit; South Boston, Keene Heights, and Local Brevities   April 15, 1936 Local News; Quimby Wells fire; PTA Health Meet; Eugene Peck Golden Anniversary; Common Council Proceedings; Keene, South Boston, Potter's Corners, and Keene Heights Brevities
March 21, 1912 Edward Lewis, Emily Pifer, George Rogers, and Joseph Rogers Obits; Marriage Licenses; Keene Heights, School, Oak Grove, Local, and Berlin Center Brevities   March 29, 1939 Eva Barber and Perry Compton obits; Do You Remember (1895); Saranac news; Keene, Potters Corners, Morrison Lake, North Campbell, and Keene Heights Brevities
June 19, 1918 Dr. Albert Gesler obit.; L.L.C. Club   August 29, 1968 Effie Della Scott and Linnie Bennett obits

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