Index to the Sebewa Recollector


     Mr. Slowins, editor of the Sebewa Recollector, has given his permission to transcribe the complete index to the Sebewa Recollector,  to be placed on this webpage.  Teresa Sweet  has purchased the entire collection of the "Sebewa Recollector" and  has begun to transcribe the index of this newsletter for us.   This historical society newsletter is a wealth of information about the people of Ionia County, particularly those of Sebewa Township.


1-1 Showerman House; Constitution and By-Laws; Chief Okemos
1-2 Open House; Membership List; District #4 Building Cost; History of Ionia County--Cornell; Industry in Sebewa
1-3 Early Railroads; Partridge Knoll; Hanna's Processing; Cook Saw Mill on Stony Creek; Loreta Jewell Letter; Log         Houses; Probert Shooting
1-4 Teacher Contract l856; Heman Brown Civil War Letter;  Albert Meyers Saw Mill;  Old Indian Settlement; l850 Census; Blessed by Indian
1-5 Andrew Hunt Account of Okemos; Sebewa Feace Corpsman I; Letter to William Coe--Dropsy; Radio in Sebewa
2-1 School Bell; 75th Anniversary Sebewa Center Church; Indian Funeral-Okemos' Daughter; Peace Corps II; Joseph Hayes to John Shipman; End of Caucus Statistics 1880; Sebewa Center Dramatics
2-2 Church News; Danby Indian Settlement; Peace Corps III; The Sebewa Riot
2-3 Clarence Sayer High School; Mastodon; Missionary Manasseh Hickey; Peace Corps IV; Women in politics; College Credit on European Trip; Sebewa Center Methodist Church
2-4 Early Auto Ride; News of 1911-12; Letter from Gerald Joynt; Rural School; Shimnecon Claim; European Education II; Hickey II; Stage Route; Peace Corps
2-5 1867 Plat Map; Peace Corps VI; Okemos
2-6 Tornado at Schoolhouse; Coming to Michigan; White Pines
3-1 Reconstruction; School Bell Stolen; Showerman Family; Sebewa Statistics Farm ponds M.S.U. in 1900; Locating the County Seat; School Bell Collection
3-2 Together again; Peace Corps VII; Lydia Sindlinger Watkins Reminice  Henry Probasco; Adelbert Northrup; Ephraim Shay; Chattel Mortgages; Sebewa Corners Methodist Church
3-3 Peace Corps VIII; Meadows House Fire; West Sebewa--Dora Peacock Johnson; Oil Well Drillings; Ionia County Horticultural History
3-4 Tea with Kim--Viet Nam; Clyde Smith Letter; Tornado of Flame; Sebewa-- a View from Sunfield; 1881 Fire at Sebewa Corners
3-5 Sebewa Desparado; Sebewa to Nebraska 1911; Dressing Up the Vital Statistics; Early Days in Portland
3-6 Travis School Centennial; Probasco Stories; Origin of Lake Odessa Area  Historical Society; Chief Okemos; Memory of the Horse; Grand Haven to Lyons
4-1 Grand Ledge Moraine; Horses Around the Center; Escapades of Welcome Lumbert;   Travis School Centennial; Angle Worm Oil
4-2 Charles Cook Recollections; Early History of Portland; Gunnville  Wrestling Match; Mother Shipton's Prophecy; Praying Charlie
4-3 Feather Renovator; Contract for Building 1855 Schoolhouse; Tales of Welcome Lumbert; Voter List; Sandborn Family
4-4 Sebewa 1871; Probasco-McNeil Trip to Florida 1920; Settlement of Clinton County; Letter from the Indians 1809; Our Public Image; White Tornado
4-5 Cold Friday; Where Went the Country Lane; Obits 1891; Bailiff Trek
4-6 Retirement; Starting Housekeeping 1900; Sebewa Corners Mill; Early Platting of Saranac; Miss Ella
5-1 Gingko Tree; Okemos; Young Charlotte; Blue and the Gray; Portland Cemetery; Portland Centennial
5-2 Days at School-Gretchen Gierman Cominetto; Bretz Story-Odessa; Graves of the Presidents; John High; Oliver Ritenburg
5-3 Sam Kauffman's December 1909; Christmas in Ionia 1833; Treaty of Saginaw; Sebewa; Possehn Well Log
5-4 Death of Okemos; Uncle Joe Fleetham; Settlement of Ionia; Treaty of  Saginaw II; Debbie Leak
5-5 Getting Rid of Farm Buildings; Is it Time to Burn the Wigwam?; Oatley Trek North; Local History in Your Library; Autograph Albums; 'Member When-Weippert
5-6 Ionia County Potter's Field; Rumfield Homesteading in North Dakota; Orange Towniship School Teachers; Early Days of Richland and Grand Rapids
6-1 Business Changes in Sunfield I; Poetry from Sebewa; 70-Year-Old Town Hall; Passenger Pigeons
6-2 Sick List; Business Changes in Sunfield II; Along the Old Sauk Trail
6-3 Business Changes III; Alton L. Nye; They Slugged It Out In 1877
6-4 Snowmobiles; Letters of Edward H. Cook; Indians and Their Trails; 1909 Reo; How Charlotte got its Name; Sunfield Township
6-5 Tax Curve; The Reeder Family; Sheldon R. Curtiss; Civil War Diary; Ionia's First Settlers
6-6 Travis School List 1897; Building the Railroad; Pollution; The Sunfield Sun; The Lake Odessa Wave; Celebrating the 4th of July; Andersonville
7-1 Archaeology of Michigan; Peter M. Kent; Okemos
7-2 Plastic Tubing Drainage; Eagle Screams I; Goddard School District; Hand Gun
7-3 Shiltons in Sebewa; Eagle Screams II; Annihilation of the Sauks; Sebewa Center Church 80th Anniversary
7-4 Saving the Clinton Trail; Indian Payment in Old Times; The Who Gave Whats; The Hollanders; Eagle Screams III; Sebewa Man's Son Executed
7-5 Pollution in Lake Odessa; Bruin; Register of Funerals; Death Curve; Doing The Trading-Zack York; Portland Christian Reformed Church
7-6 Sunfield Sensation; Travelogue of 1873; Pontiac Visits Grand River Valley; Reputation of the Dutch; Village of Sunfield
8-1 Walter Reed; Pioneer Days in Shiawassee County; Orlando Showerman; Lake Odessa--Instant Village
8-2 First Auto in Ionia County; Trip to Europe-Elmer Gierman; Ionia County Courthouse; Shiawassee County II
8-3 Capital Punishment in Michigan; Early Horticulture Kent County; Shiawassee County III; Forest Primeval-Davenport
8-4 Hanna's Locker; Campbell's Model T Sales; My Father's Sugar Bush-Davenport
8-5 Fordson Tractor Sales; Lucius Lyon I; The Clearing-Davenport
8-6 Precinct #2; West Sebewa Community Club; Early Radio; News of 1921-22; Luicius Lyon II; Ionia County Original Surveys; Meyers Church
9-1 Michigan State Archives; Rosina; Lucius Lyon III; Odessa Indians; Aunt Sylvia Lumbert
9-2 Ionia Centennial; Philippines Letters; Old Auto Companies; Constable Gets His Man
9-3 Brakes & Wengers; Sunfield 1900; Comet 1910; Revolutionary War Vet Pangbourne
9-4 Carter Saw Mill; Caves in Michigan; Railroad Excusion; UFO 1909; Carter Snake Hunt; Woodland Indians in Winter
9-5 Railroad 1869; Willard Brooks-Danby
9-6 Sebewa Otter; 1880 Census I
10-1 Death of Mrs. Fuller 1869; Sunfield Township; Census II
10-2 Tombstone Rubbings; What is a Boy Worth; Census III
10-3 Caraway; Memorials of Grand River Valley 1876; Sebewa Corners; Census IV;   Squirrels
10-4 Tombstone for Weck; Death of Okemos; Sebewa Township Officers; A Curiosity
10-5 Bicentennial Kickoff; Portland Area Service Group; Naming Sunfield Township;   Bank Officers 1919; Tales from the Trees; Pen Knife; Township Officers II;   Carrying the Mail
10-6 P. G. Cook Account Book 1849; Sebewa Township History; Township Officers III;   Prank in Danby; Jonathan Ingalls; Sebewa Center Homecoming
11-1 John C. Blanchard; Moving About in the Dark; Building the Sunfield Road; Eagle Screams IV; Halladay School
11-2 Bicentennial Tree; Big Trees; P. G. Cook Accounts; Real Daughters-Demaray and Russell; Plane Down in Sebewa
11-3 Big Trees II; Deer Hunting; Eaton County Mastodon; 1833 Pioneer Stories- Portland; Early Settlers in Ionia County; Arthursburg
11-4 Carrying the Mail; Settle it with a Gun; Sebewa 1878; P. G. Cook Clientele; Crystal to Portland 1928; E. 0. Russell-Grand Ledge; Shay Locomotive
11-5 Rosina Post Office and Store; Clyde Clute Reminisces; Fling at Flying I
11-6 Gravel Pits; Gladys Cook 7 Generations; Flying II; Diary of Polly Tirrell I; Centennial Farms
12-1 Weippert Mill; Probasco Family; Shay Family; Flying III; Tirrell II; CB Radio
12-2 Shay Markers; Sunfield Bank Robbery; Flying IV; Closing Travis School
12-3 Okemos' Great Great Grandson; Sebewa Center Teachers; Good Old Days;
12-4 Riding the Plank Flying V; Settlement of Ionia County-Bertha Brock
12-5 Consumers Power High Line; Drilling Log-Orange; Sunfield Methodist  Church List; How I Shaped Up in 1890; Peru I
12-6 Frances Hoover Letter; Barbers-Mark Twain; Peru II
13-1 l957 Census I; G. A. R. Hall Plaque Dedication; Peru III
13-2 l846 Lease; Tupper Lake Drowning; Old Store Buildings Go; Census II; Wengers in Pennsylvania
13-3 Nonagenarians; Boulder Census III; Admittance to Eaton County  Poor Farm
13-4 Killed by the Hogs; Slowinski Settlement; Detroit to the Illinois I
13-5 Homesteading in Nebraska-Pearl Reed; Detroit to the Illinois II
13-6 Rushing Water's Jewels; Nebraska II
14-1 Getting Cut of the Mud; Life Term; Lady of Xanadu
14-2 First Centenarian; Six Generations in Sebewa; Mennonites in Ontario
14-3 Petoskey Stone; Heart Attack; Indiana Mennonite Relief Sale
14-4 Indian Title to Shimnecon; My Daily Walk-Addie Boom I; Winter in Sebewa; Railroading-Guy Taylor
14-5 John Waddell Naturalization; To China and the Great Wall-Lenon; Daily Walk II
14-6 Funeral Memorials; Edmund Fisher-Roots-Okemos; Daily Walk III;  Leander Peacock
15-1 Lake Odessa Depot; West Sebewa Odd Fellows & Hall; Mexico I
15-2 Weippert Mill Historic Building; Swimming in the Creek; Mexico II; Threshing-Zack York
15-3 Who's Who in the Cemetery; Ben Probasco Tape; Downings and Peacocks
15-4 Muck Fires; Business Side of Sunfield
15-5 Sun Dogs; Names and Initials; Fred Young Interview; Sunfield's Mexican War Veteran
15-6 Terpstras; Delos Staples; Sorghum; Local Tapes
16-1 First Woman Methodist Bishop; Duaine Pinkston W W II
16-2 Migrating Monarchs; Haying With Horses-Zack York; Tale of Lyons; Oldest Residents of Eaton County
16-3 Louise Buchner; Daisy Creighon Tapes; Impressions of Ireland; Darius Moon I
16-4 Three Ednas; Sunfield Fires; Webbers of Ionia County; Darius Moon II
16-6 The Gravel Belong on the Road; Buzzards are Back; The Man who Founded the J>L> Hudson Co.; The C.K.&S. And Woodbury
17-1 Bald Eagle; Ever Up; Orpha Saw The Queen; Aid for the Insomniacs (Sheep); Excitement in the Neighborhood 100 Years Ago (Lightning); Beautiful Ionia County--She's Flat as a Pancake from the Air;  My Experiences in the Sunfie1d Elevator; Meet Your Neighbor--John Joynt; Response from the Article on J .L. Hudson
17-2 Boom! (Seismic Readings); Would it be Too Much to Show a Little Respect for Ionia County's Potter's Field?; Area Travel Logs--Bed & Breakfast; Business and Industrial Life in Woodbury in the Middle Twenties; Some New Light Shed on the Local School History
17-3 Oil Lease Price Soars; To Market, to Market; Names of WWII Veteran Appearing on the Service; Board honor Roll GAR Hall at Sunfield; Hendersons; Portland's Railroads; Historical Record of Orange; Charge LeValley United Methodist Church; Schooling at Sebewa Center
17-4 Miss Frances Sears; A Cheerful Note in the Winter; A School Report from the Service; Center School of 100 Years Ago; When I Was a Kid, Portland Review 7-16-29; Sawmiller Glen Rairigh Sol's Struggles; Record of Marriages by Pastors of Le Valley United Methodist Church
17-5 Oil--No Gushers Yet; Blind Johnny Smith Dies; Of Chimneys and Heaters; A Basketball Lark;  Teacher's Report for the Summer Term (1879); Sol's Struggles Part 2; From the Lansing Republican 11-24-1875
17-6 A Bluebird All Your Own; Ionia County Road Commission; Approval for a Grant to Microfilm; Sunfield Sentinel; West Michigan Genealogical Society; A 1901 Train Ride Across the Country; Sebewa Soils; Woodbury--My Home Town 1925; Grandpa Grieves
18-1 Township Treasurer Retires; Corn Tassels in Mid July; A Noted Michigan Traveler; A 1982 Sebewa Township Residence Directory; The Vanderheyden House; The Friend Family; Redecorating
18-2 An Unlucky Twist; Microfilming Completed; Drive Sunfield Hwy; Irving Adelbert Brown Died; Michigan's Treasures, Buried in Sunken of Lake Odessa; Fifty Years of Married Life; A Letter From Corporal Don Benschoter to his Wife (1918); An Interview with John Lich, Sr; Travelog Schedule
18-3 New Furnace; Nonagenarians From the Sunfield Sentinel of 1917 (many babies born);Letter From Soldier (1917); China--First Hand Impressions; At Christimas we CAN "Go Home Again"; World War I Blues; 1918 Smugness; The John Lich Sr Interview Continued
18-4 A Lakewood Anthology; Sebewa Twp Roads; A Look Back 110 Years (Portland Observer 4-11-1873 Says Will Roger; China--First Hind lmpressions (cont'd); Ionia County's Sesquicentennial; Cemetery, Cemetery, Who Has You Now?; The Corner Stone of the New County House Laid (1907); Funding World War I; The Microfilm Reader at the Sunfleld Library
18-5 The Changing Morality (1873); Getting Around (MTA Convention); China-First Hand lmpression III; Poor House Cemetery Update; A Fearful Fall (1873); The End of the Buffaloes; The Mystery of the Death  of the Storekeeper's Wife (Mrs. Clarence Rice)
18-6 Our Very Own Centennial; China--First Hand Impressions IV; 27th Anniversary (Olds); Sunfield Farmers Picinic 1924; The Heritage of the Ears; Sesquicentennial; Joe Guild's Letter; Another Potter's Field (Barry County); Another Centennial (Benschoter House); Sharp Practice (1874)
19-1 Who was Fighting Mosquitoes (1827 Sebewa); Scraps from West Sehewa 1885; History of the Danby Cemetary; A Window on 1929; Eri H. Day, Missionary to the Indians; Blind Johnny Smith
19-2 1910 U.S. Census is Rleased; Eaton County Courthouse of 1845; Ed Morgan (Ostrander Genealogy); Horse and Buggy Pranks; Of Monarchs and Men (Butterflies); Chas. A. Estep's 100 Year Old Diary; Eri H. Day--Missionary to the Northwest Indians; Travelog Schedule
19-3 Two Miles of Blacktop Resuffacing in Sebewa; How to Live in Three Centuries; The Power and the Glory of the Pines (the inspiration for Sunshine); The Mortgage on the Farm (poem by Mrs. Brownfield);  Eri H. Day--Missionary to the Northwest Indians III; Child abuse (in school); Chas. Estep Diary (cont'd);  The Monarchs in Mexico (Butterflies)
19-4 Making a Living in Sebewa; Cemetery Matters (vandalism); History of the Sunfield Sentinel; The G.A.R. in Sebewa; Eri H. Day--Missionary to the Indians III; From Chas. Estep's Diary-the Waterworks;
19-5 What's Ahead for the Genealogist; Bird Books--Then and Now; The Story of Nancy J. Linhart;  Auctioneers; Chas. Estep Diary (con't)
19-6 The Ionia County infirmary Cemetery; The Computer comes to Sebewa (Ev David); He Dug His Own Grave; Chas. Estep Diary; To Pluck a Duck; At Long Last ("Temporary" electric service)
20-1 Video Taping; How Much She Remembered About Portland; Root the Old Man Out (J.K. Swipes)--  Carrier Retires Jan. 1,1934; A Glimpse at Ionia, Ionia Standard 1880 and 1881; Selections from Aunt Emma--Charlie's Diary of 1936
20-2 Salt or Not to Salt; Two Different Trips to Germany; At The Sept. Dinner (Persons in their 90's  or More); Getting the Cemetery Marker Up (Infirmary); Coming Up-- Some Changes at the Schoolhouse The 1840 Ionia County U.S. Census; The Incident at Arthurburg Hill; The Pond
20-3 Faulty Cemetery Corrected; Auctioneers; Swinging the Churches Around; The Portland Chritian Reformed Church; Portland's Oldest Resident (Bogue); A. Letter From Dr. Rani  Kishore in India;  The Pond (conclusion); History of Co. E, First Mich. Engineers and Mechanics; The Work is Done
20-4 Wm. Milne Died at County House; Maurice Gierman's Interview with Lester Lake; Some Additions to the Aunt Silvia Lumbert Story; John C. Blanchard
20-5 Commencement (1894); What's in a Name (Birds); Sma1lpox in Sebewa (1894); Harvey Lee Van Benschoten
20-6 Tornado of 1967; Dust and Brine; Big Pile of Stones gets Smaller (cistern fell in); Van Benschoten Article;John Lich Sr Birthday; Renaming the Birds; Our Interview with Mae Armour; Mertie's Memories
21-1 School Bell Relocation; Russell Curtis; Elias P. Peter; Lake O Hist Soc Officers; Ionia Recreation; Area State Park Opens; Another 1885 Diary--Kreamer; Videotapes of Interviews; Ionia--The Town Given  Its Name 50 Years After It Was Founded; Myrtie's Memories II
21-2 County Poor; Anthony Kreamer Diary 1885; Merties Memories III
24-3 More About Britain; Ionia County Has Oldest Cobblestone School; Myrties Memories
24-4 My Trip to Tennessee; Some Things I Remember About Sebewa Corners; Going To Jamaica with a Purpose; Myrtie's Memories
24-5 Genealogy Workshop; Elderhostel to Nepal and UP; Floyd Evans Interview cont'd;   1921 Lake O School Building Burned; Early Tax Records
24-6 Sebewa Center United Methodist Church; Elderhostel to Nepal Cont'd; Sermon for Funeral for  Maimie Downing; Ed Nash Interview
Sp Ed Special Edition for Wilfred's (Gierman) Birtbday
25-1 Sebewa Schoo1 Commencement 1894; Verl Irene Walkington Funeral; Ed Nash Interview
25-2 Sessions School Plaque; Fire at Wilfred's House; Vandalism at East Cemetery; A Paean to a Sky Dancer
25-3 Henry Smith and Needlework; Grand Ledge Home Tour; Probasco Stories; To the Woodcock cont'd(Paean); Albert Meyers Info
25-4 Joshua Gunn Woodcutter; Our European Trip; Marian Miles Croel Trip
25-5 Wiselogle Article on Time; Our European Trip conclusion
25-6 Alice Johnson's Wheat or Welfare in an Agrarian Society; Wiselogle cont'd; Ora Walkington Funeral Service
26-1 Balloon Ascension; Summer Travel; G.W. Arnold and Son Wiselogle conclusion
26-2 Balloon Flight; Disturbing the Grand Ledge Terminal Moraine; Some New Fare for the Portland District Library; Back to Canola; Virgia Ingram Alaska Trip
26-3 Thots from the Cemetery; Taking Leave; Sebewa's East Cemetery Damage; Alaska Trip conclusion
26-4 Boston Trip Recall; Early History of Boston Twp; GAR Members; Nathaniel Newton Tidd: Sunfield GAR Hall; Sunfield-Sebewa-Danby Fire Dept
26-5 More Early History of Boston Twp; More Twp. Board Synopsis; The Ionia Sentinel-Standard; Monuments (Surveyors); Fern Conkrite Interview; Celebrating 107 Years--Vertie Catt McDonald
26-6 Sebewa High School 1912-1913; Lloyd Reed Interview; Riker School House; Zanto House/Hotel; Fern Conkrite Interview cont'd
27-1 Sebewa High School 1903; Howland-Rathbun-Strong; Sara Meyers, Diabetes; Dandelion Day; Lake O 1919 Undefeated Football Team; Lloyd Reed Interview cont'd; Andrew Shilton
27-2 Balloon Ascensions; Schoolhouses in Odessa Township; George Leik; Early History of Sebewa Center Methodist Church
27-3 Laban A. Smith Genealogy; Harry Meyers & the Dakota Territory
27-4 The Spitzley Family in America
27-5 Lovell-Webber House
27-6 Hayes Ionia Company; The Pierce G. Cook Farm
28-1 Canoe Journey; Eighty Years of Change (Lake O); Caswell & Company
28-2 Eighty cont'd; (many recent deaths and connections)
28-3 Ionia Presb. Church; Beland Family History; The VanHoutens of Sebewa; Eighty cont'd; Election Results
28-4 Adam Fender; Eighty cont'd
28-5 Eighty cont'd; Halladay Updates; Peter Parks 1836-1901; Became Indian Chief
28-6 Last Will & Testament of Thomas & Cornelia Pryer
29-1 Eighty conclusion; Cemetery Note; 100 Yrs Ago-Mill in Portland; Reggie Denny;   Vroman Family in America; Moyer Family of Sebewa & Eagle; Thomas Pryer Family Update;  Samuel Dexter
29-2 Mapes Update; Baldwin Update; Mike Smith Update (and others); Australia, New Zealand
29-3 Australia & New Zealand cont'd; Election Results
29-4 New Zealand conclusion
29-5 Save Shimnecon! Danby Twp Indian Settlements; Okemos the Warrior; Pryor Updates
29-6 Weippert's Mill Revisited; Chief Okemos; Contestant to Shimnecon Lands Says He Will Take Possession Soon
30-1 Descendants of Jonathan Ingalls; Monuments for Ingalls and Okemos; Danby Early History
30-2 Friend Family
30-3 The Leik Family; Election Results
30-4 Nov 1 First Snow; William Edwins from Chapman book; Revolutionary Veterns in Ionia County; Mich. Courthouses
30-5 The Adgate Family in Ionia County; Things I Remember; Mich. Courthouses
30-6 John L.Adgate; Adgate Update; Report of Ginseng Growing in Mich; Dale S. Pierce, Ginseng; Mich. Courthouses
31-1 Things I Remember cont'd; Grace Gilson Celebrates 100 Yrs
31-2 New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, & Prince Edward Island; Things I Remember cont'd
31-3 Wilfred's Obit
31-4 Houghton County Courthouse; Biography of Harvey Bartow; Things I  Remember, conclusion; More About Wilfred
31-5 First National Bank of Ionia; Ionia in 1897-8; Article by Nan Simons on Wilfred
31-6 Biography of Clarence Buddington Kelland; Russell Gregory's poem "Decoration Day" Allan M. Williams
32-1 History of Auto Dealerships in Ionia; Iron County Courthouse; The Capture of the County Seat
Our Junior Year at Portland High School 1918; Hazel Bros Farm Drainage; Shimnecon's Second Chance by Nan Simons
32-2 Our Trip to New York City; Ex-President Roosevelt Dies Suddenly 1919; Election Results
32-3 Election Results; The Peacock Family of Sebewa
32-4 Michigan Courthouses; A Gift in Parting (Sexton); A History of Sebewa Cemeteries
32-5 Michigan Courthouses; Sebewa Twp Roads; Haskins-Meyers Reunion and Monument Maynard-Woodbury House of Portland; Darling Wedding License
32-6 Schoolhouses in Sebewa Twp; Instructions for the Young Shepherd Biography of Geo. W Snyder; Chas. M. Ralston


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