Sebewa Recollector
Items of Genealogical Interest

Volumes 1-6
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

     LaVonne has received permission from Grayden Slowins to edit and submit Sebewa Recollector items of genealogical interest, from the beginning year of 1965 through current editions.

Volume 1-1 (1965) Sebewa Association Organization documents; Chief Okemos; Danby Indian settlement; 1850 census; misc.   Volume 4-1 (1968) Travis School; horses; Horse Farming; Welcome Lumbert; Sanborn Family; Old Newspaper Items; Misc.
Volume 1-2 (1965) Sebewa Association; Sebewa Center Schoolhouse; History of Ionia County; Misc.   Volume 4-2 (1968) Charles Cook Memories; History of Portland; Gunn family; Misc.
Volume 1-3 (1965) Sebewa Association; Railroads; Partridge Knoll; Christmas; Agricultural Processing; Probert Case; Industry; Log Houses, Loreta Jewell letter, Misc  

Volume 4-3 (1968)

William Priestman murder; Rev. Howard Jerrett; Sebewa Center School; Welcome Lumbert tales; Sebewa Residents 1864 to 1866; Sandborn Family; Misc.
Volume 1-4 (1966) Sebewa Association; Sebewa Center School; Heman Brown letter; Industy; Misc.   Volume 4-4 (1969) Zella Howe's View of Sebewa from 1871; 1920 trip to Florida; illness and deaths; Settlement of Clinton Co.; Misc.
Volume 1-5 (1966) Sebewa Center Association; Chief Okemos; Peace Corps; Lois Walter to William Coe letter from 1885; Early radio; misc   Volume 4-5 (1969) Sandbornton, NH; Country Lanes; Memories of Garland Bailiff; obituaries from 1890's; Misc.
Volume 2-1 (1966) Annual meeting; Sebewa Center School bell; Chief Okemos funeral; Peace Corps; Joseph Hayes to John Shipman letter from 1854; Sebewa grange theater; misc.   Volume 4-6 (1969) Housekeeping at the turn of the century; Newspaper items; Mapping of Saranac; Deaths; Misc.
Volume 2-2 (1966) Sebewa churches; Indian Settlements, Peach Corps; Sebewa Riots; Misc.   Volume 5-1 (1969) Chief Okemos; Portland Centennial; Portland Cemetery; deaths; dwelling patterns; misc.
Volume 2-3 (1966) Association news; High School by Clarence H Sayer; Reminiscences of Rev Manasseh Hickey; Peace Corps; Attending Oxford by Margaret Sindlinger Brown; Sebewa Center Methodist Church; Misc.   Volume 5-2 (1969) Sebewa Center School; Bretz Family; 1869 Newspaper Items; Oliver Ritenburg; Misc.
Volume 2-4 (1967) Dora Vandepoel Tysse memory; George Geisel death; News Bits from 1911-12; Reflections by Gerald C. Joynt; Rural School by Pauline Geirman; Native Americans Shimnecon Lands; Attending Oxford by Margaret Sindlinger Brown Part II;  Rev. Manasseh Hickey; Stage Routes & Roads; Tractor Evaluations; Misc.   Volume 5-3 (1969) Samuel Kauffman Journal; Christmas in 1833; Treaty of Saginaw; Seebewa; Boring data from Sebewa; Misc.
Volume 2-5 (1967) Duffy's Dump; Sebewa 100 years ago; Srinagar, Kashmir, India by Richard W. Thrams; Chief Okemos; Misc.   Volume 5-4 (1970) News Items from 1870; Death of Okemos; Joseph O. Fleetham; Settlement of Ionia; Treaty of Saginaw (part 2); Memorial to Indians; misc.
Volume 3-1 (1967) School bells, History of Sebewa Twp & Showerman family; County Seat; Michigan State University; Misc.   Volume 5-5 (1970) Shimnecon; Unused Farm Buildings; Oatley & Gunn Families; illnesses; Autograph Albums;  Misc.
Volume 3-2 (1967) Peace Corps; Sebewa Center School by Lydia Sindlinger Watkins; Adelbert Northrup Interview; Ephraim Shay; Elmer Gierman School Memories ;Chattel Mortgages; Misc.   Volume 5-6 (1970) North Dakota Homesteading; Hillsdill Family; Orange Twp. teachers; Potter's field; misc.
Volume 3-3 (1967) Richard Thrams Vietnam Report; Peace Corps; Mrs. Elder Meadows death (1893); West Sebewa; Sebewa Geology; Horticultural History; Misc.   Volume 6-1 (1970) Sunfield businesses; Clara Shilton Horton Poetry; Sebewa Townhall; Passenger Pigeons; Misc.
Volume 3-4 (1968) Viet Nam; Sebewa view from Sunfield; 1881 Fire; Letters; Misc.   Volume 6-2 (1970) Portland Observer 1913-14; Sunfield businesses; Wolves; Misc.
Volume 3-5 (1968) William Overly shot by Sheriff; Sebewa to Nebraska in 1911; Births; History of Portland; Misc.   Volume 6-3 (1970) Sunfield businesses; Alton L. Nye; Goodrich, Arnold, & Hiar disputes; Misc.
Volume 3-6 (1968) Travis School; Probasco family; Chief Okemos; Old Newspaper Items; Misc.   Volume 6-4 (1971) Sebewa Map; Edward H. Cook Civil War letters; 1909 Reo; History of Charlotte; Sunfield; Misc.
      Volume 6-5 (1971) Taxes; Reeder Family; Sheldon R. Curtiss; Ionia's First Settlers; Misc.
      Volume 6-6 (1971) Travis School; Detroit, Lansing & Northern Railroad; Sunfield Sun; 1914 4th of July; Andersonville, Misc.




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