Sebewa Recollector
Items of Genealogical Interest

Volumes 7-12
Transcribed by LaVonne I. Bennett

     LaVonne has received permission from Grayden Slowins to edit and submit Sebewa Recollector items of genealogical interest, from the beginning year of 1965 through current editions.

Volume 7-1 (1971) Ephraim Shay; Archaeology of Michigan; Peter M. Kent; Chief Okemos; Misc.   Volume 10-1 (1974) Death of Mrs. Fuller; Sunfield Twp. History; Sebewa 1880 census part 2; Deaths; Misc.
Volume 7-2 (1971) Tom VanBuren; Welcome Lumbert's Eagle Screams ; Sebewa School District #2; Riley N. Wilson murder; Misc.   Volume 10-2 (1974) Cemetery rubbings; Rescue of Charley Berry; Sevewa 1880 census part 3; Josephine (Dorin) McWhorter letter; Misc.
Volume 7-3 (1971) Shilton family; Welcome Lumbert's Eagle Screams; Sauks; Misc.   Volume 10-3 (1974)  
Volume 7-4 (1972) Indian Payment Day; Wedding Gifts; Dutch settlers; Welcome Lumbert's Eagle Screams; George Travis execution; Misc.   Volume 10-4 (1975) Shilton farm; Gunn family; Chief Okemos; Sebewa Township Officials; News Clippings; Misc.
Volume 7-5 (1972) Bears, Trading; Sunfield funerals 1901-1913; Christian Reformed Church; Misc.   Volume 10-5 (1975) Bicentennial; Sunfield; 1919 newsclippings; Trees; Sebewa Township Officials (cont.); Post Office; Misc.
Volume 7-6 (1972) Chief Pontiac; Lyons to Benzie in 1873; Sunfield; Sunfield haunted house; Misc.   Volume 10-6 (1975) Pierce G. Cook Account Book; Sebewa Overseer of Highways; Jonathan Ingalls; Sebewa Center homecoming 1923; Misc.
Volume 8-1 (1972) Walter Reed; News Items; Pioneer Days in Shiawassee County Part 1; Orlando V. Showerman; Verah Gunn, trapper; Lake Odessa; Smallpox in Sebewa; Misc.   Volume 11-1 (1975) Sunfield Road; Halladay School
Volume 8-2 (1972) First Automobile in Ionia County; Trip to Europe; Ionia County Courthouse; Pioneer Days in Shiawassee County Part 2; Misc.   Volume 11-2 (1975) Big Trees; Shopping 100 years ago; Julia Ann Frank Demaray & Elizabeth Ann Frank Russell; Misc.
Volume 8-3 (1972) Early Automobiles; Capital Punishment; Kent County Horticulture; Pioneer Days in Shiawassee County Part 3; Indians near Jordan Lake; Woodland Twp.; Misc.   Volume 11-3 (1975) Big trees; Deer hunting; Eaton County Mastodon; 1833 trip; Early Portland; Early Ionia County settlers; Misc.
Volume 8-4 (1973) 1873 News Items; Model T Ford sales; Sugar Bush; Misc.   Volume 11-4 (1976) Mail rural routes; R. N. Wilson shooting; 1928 newsclippings; Pierce G. Cook's ledger; Fred J. Mauren's 1928 auto trip; E. O. Russell, pioneer; Chief Okemos; Shay locomotive; Misc.
Volume 8-5 (1973) Fordson Tractor sales; Used Fordson and car sales; Lucius Lyon; 1875 atlas subscribers; Clearing the forests; Misc.   Volume 11-5 (1976) Bicentennial; Rosina Post Office and Store; Clyde Clute Memories; Robert Gierman Memories; Misc.
Volume 8-6 (1973) Sebewa Benevolent Community Club; Radio; News from 1921-2; Lucius Lyon Letters; Ionia County Surveys; Meyers U. B. Church; George Richards   Volume 11-6 (1976) Further Flight (cont); Shetterly family; Polly Tirrill diary; centennial farms; Misc.
Volume 9-1 (1973) Deaths; Rosina; Sebewa Births for 1914; Lucius Lyon Letters; Indian Stories; Sylvia Lumbert; Charles W. Waring Letters; Misc.   Volume 12-1 (1976) Centennial Mill; Cemeteries; Probasco & Shay family; Flight (cont); Polly Tirrill diary (cont); CB Radio; Centennial farms
Volume 9-2 (1973) 1891 Ionia; Spanish-American War letters; 1915 listing of automobile manufacturers; David S. Soles; Misc.   Volume 12-2 (1976) Shay family; Gunn family; Sunfield bank robberies; Tour of India (cont); Travis School; Misc.
Volume 9-3 (1973) J. N. Wenger Spanish-American War; Sunfield at the turn of the century; Halley's Comet in 1910; William Pangborn; Winfield Cassel; Misc.   Volume 12-3 & 4 (1976) Sebewa Center teachers; Chief Okemos; Newspaper Headlines from 1928-9; Riding the Plank Road; Tour of India (conc.); Bertha Brock History of Ionia; Misc.
Volume 9-4 (1974) Railroad Excursion in 1876; News Items from 1909-10; Woodland Indians in Winter; Misc.   Volume 12-4 (1977) See Volume 12-3 & 4
Volume 9-5 (1974) Railroad beginnings 1868-1872; Willard Brooks account books; Misc.   Volume 12-5 (1977) New power lines; Test oil well drillings; Methodist church probationers; 1890 school memories; Trip to Peru (part 1); Misc.
Volume 9-6 (1974) Sebewa 1880 Census; Misc.   Volume 12-6 (1977)  




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