Soldier Photo Album
Courtesy of the Ionia County Genealogical Society

The following soldier pictures are believed to have been taken in the 1890's. 
Click on the thumbnails for a high resolution (600 dpi) photo.

Bert Allen

Joel Benedict

George Boyer

Lee Bull

Harry Burleigh

Cpl. George Canfield

Richard Clute

Stanley Cornell

2nd Lt. Curtis

Ben Fales

Jim Fowle

John Garrety

Bruce Goodfellow

Harry Harrigan

Fred Henrsch (Voelker?)

J. L. Hubbell

Harry Jennings

Alphonsus Kennedy

Walter Keyes

Eugene Kisherman

Eugene Kisherman

Fred Kling

Bert Lampkin

Jim Lucas

Ira Mann

Joe McMullen

Will Mickel

Capt. J. W. Mitchell

Dwight Mitchell

John H. Mitchell

Webster Mitchell

Hal Montgomery

Will Pettingil

Charlie Pratt

Fred Reusch

Will Robinson

Charlie Ryerson

Fred Shaffer

1st Lt. Harry Spencer

Charlie Thompson

Unidentified #1

Unidentified #2

Unidentified #3

Alphonsus Kennedy

John VanHenning

Fred Vincent

Harry Vincent

Henry Voelker

Harry Walton

Carl Williams

The following pictures are in the same album.

Charlie Bell

James Campbell

John Cutler

Gustav Haedtler

Harry Morse

Gus Reisler

Evert Eaton, Dan Hawksworth, Stewart Livingston,
Robert Sherwood


Last update July 03, 2015