Revolutionary War Veterans of Ionia County

Jonothan Ingalls, soldier of the Revolutionary War, is buried in a single roadside grave on Keefer Highway, south of the village of Sebewa, about 1/2 mile south of Musgrove Highway. The grave is located on the west side of the road. It is actually in the right of way of Keefer Highway. It currently borders a cow pasture. It is maintained by the Sebewa Township. The marker is engraved as follows: Jonathan Ingalls, Soldier of the Revolution 1762 - 1843  The marker was erected by Stevens Thompson Mason Charter D.A.R. 1921

William Pangborn - (information from D.A.R. Scrapbook - Hall-Fowler Memorial Library in Ionia.)
William Pangborn "Ionia County's oldest Revolutionary war soldier", died at the age of 110 years on March 10, 1852. He fought through the Revolutionary war under Washington, and again through the War of 1812. To obtain independence and to preserve it he devoted his best years. A grateful country guards his mortal remains. The Pangborn history relates that he enlisted in the Fourth New York regiment became Sergeant Pangborn and was a member of the Sullivan expedition to Tioga and the Indian fighting on the bloody New York border in the neighborhood of of Ft. Stanwyx. He was in the battle of Chemung and was later taken prisoner near Stanwyx and held until the close of the war. He enlisted in 1779 and was captured March 2, 1781. During the war of 1812 he was a member of the Ohio mounted militia and served in Michigan against Indian raiders. Mr. Pangborn was the father-in-law of Alanson Snow. Ronald pioneer, and came with his daughter's family there in 1838. Alanson Snow himself had vivid memories of the early days, as he saw his mother and his small brother burned at the stake near Huron, Ohio, and was himself captured by the Indians at that time, and released at Detroit later during the war of 1812.

Mr. Pangborn's burial site is in the Snows Cemetery, on Stedman Road in Shiloh, Ronald Township.

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