Oak Grove School

     My mother attended school there for her entire elementary years from about 1926 to 1932. Yes she finished k-8 in six years. There is a picture of her Lyons HS graduating class in the county offices in Ionia. She graduated when she was 16. She lied about her age to work in the JC Penney store that used to be on Main St. She later went to the University of Michigan for a couple of years before joining the Navy as a WAVE in WWII. Anyway, I though you might like to have this picture. It is of the Oak Grove School, and is now someone's home.


     Just up the road from the Oak Grove School is "Mrs. Gibs" house it is a stone pebble in concrete construction with a similar structure out on the road. The building by the road was, in 1926, a store. My mother said that they could go up to the store and buy candy.

Submitted by John Adams

Last update December 29, 2007