Stebbins Funeral Home Records 1919-1941
Ionia, Michigan

Transcribed by Judy Hardy, White Pine Library, Stanton, Michigan


Transcriber's Note: As a brief explanation for the 2 categories “Place of burial” and “Cemetery” - most of the time they only filled out the place of burial and usually just used “Easton”, “Palo”, “Ionia”, “North Plains”, etc..  These are the only categories that I took the liberty to give more information if I could.  I would try and verify which cemetery they were buried in.  For instance, when they used Easton I would check to see if it was either Easton or Oakhill.  If there was no tombstone or record of an individual buried in either cemetery in Easton I would just record Easton as recorded in their records. Other than that all categories were typed as given except for the spelling corrections for the cause of death.



Last update January 23, 2013